MCU Spider-Verse Fan Poster Unites All Spider-Man Movie Universes

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Tom Holland

A fan poster for a hypothetical Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Verse movie features all the recent movie versions of Spider-Man united against a common enemy: Venom. To say that the status of Spider-Man on the big screen is complicated would be an understatement. After Sam Raimi's trilogy of Spider-Man movies, Sony rebooted the franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man, and then made a deal with Marvel Studios to reboot the character again - this time as part of the MCU.

Next week will see the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the second solo Spider-Man movie in the MCU. Meanwhile, Sony has continued to make other Spider-Man and Spidey-related movies outside of the MCU. There's Venom, a standalone movie about one of Spider-Man's greatest nemeses starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. There's also the Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, an animated film about different versions of Spider-Man colliding and taking on Kingpin.

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Tantalizingly, Spider-Man: Far From Home will introduce the concept of a multiverse, with new superhero Mysterio revealing that he actually comes from an alternate dimension after Thanos' snap ruptured the divide between different universes. While it's possible that the multiverse will be confined to just this one movie, it's more likely that Marvel is laying some fascinating new groundwork for the MCU Phase 4 - including a potential way to introduce the X-Men and the Fantastic Four into the universe. Popular digital artist Bosslogic has envisioned the potential of this multiverse in a fan poster that unites all the different Spider-Man movie universes.

Facing down Venom is Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man, and just behind him is Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man. In the foreground are feet belonging to Spider-Verse's Miles Morales and Tom Holland's MCU Spider-Man. This is an update of a previous poster for a hypothetical movie called Spider-Man: Homies, which had just Miles Morales and the MCU Spider-Man taking on Venom.

In the wake of Avengers: Endgame, the future of the MCU has been kept a tightly-guarded secret (except for Black Widow, which is already filming and therefore difficult to keep a secret). Spider-Man: Far From Home's two post-credits scenes reportedly have massive implications for Phase 4, but Spider-Man: Spider-Verse becoming a reality seems unlikely - at least in the foreseeable future. Then again, in a world of superheroes, talking raccoons, and mysterious strangers with fishbowls on their heads, anything is possible.

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