Why are the 'Spider-Man' Movies 'Starting Over'?

Retcons for Reboots

There's been some popular misconception that The Amazing Spider-Man is just going to be the same Spider-Man origin story we saw in the original films. This is both true and untrue.

As stated, a lot of what ASM's story covers is being borrowed from the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book launched in 2000. Part of the purpose of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book was not only to modernize the life and attitude of Peter Parker for the new Millennium (which this movie has done - for better or worse), but also to give shallow elements of the story more depth (like Peter's missing parents) or make connections that the early comic creators didn't have the larger perspective to see (like Norman Osborn's company doing the research that would create both Spider-Man and the Green Goblin formula).

peter parker and gwen stacy in the amazing spider-man trailer

Though it will pick and choose those elements of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic that it wants to incorporate, Amazing Spider-Man will follow the lead of re-approaching the origin story from a new perspective, with different story details, confident that people are already familiar enough with the basic premise of the Spider-Man mythos and how it looks onscreen. The hope is that basic familiarity with the character will allow the film to explore deeper or more modern ideas of who this superhero is as a person, and what his life, beliefs and world are all about.

Will this second-look at Spider-Man be worthwhile? Only those who have seen the finished film know for sure. Will audiences appreciate the new interpratation - or simply see it as a shallow re-hash? Only God and your wallet know that one for sure.


The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters on July 3, 2012.

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