Spider-Man and Mary Jane May Be Getting Back Together

In 2007, Marvel controversially rewrote the history of Spider-Man's love life. Now, at last, Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson may be getting back together.

After all these years, Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson may finally be getting back together.

For decades now, Spider-Man fans have believed that Peter Parker and Mary Jane were the perfect Marvel couple. In fact, in 1987 Marvel actually went so far as to have the two get married. Unfortunately, the House of Ideas hadn't really planned out how marriage would change the Spider-Man brand. Writers and editors spent the next 20 years trying to write the wedding out. In 2007 Marvel literally retconned the wedding out of existence. Spider-Man made an unlikely deal with Mephisto (Marvel's equivalent of the Devil) at the cost of his marriage.

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Fans have always longed for Peter and MJ to get back together. Now, finally, it looks as though it's about to happen. In this week's Amazing Spider-Man #796, Peter and MJ begin to click once again. So much so that MJ invites Peter in for dinner.

This is already a time of change over in the Spider-Man comics. Writer Dan Slott has been sole writer on Amazing Spider-Man since 2010, but he's about to move on. Slott has launched his final arc, "Go Down Swinging," which sees Norman Osborn return - more insane than ever before. Osborn has now bonded with the Carnage Symbiote, and his vengeance against Spider-Man will surely be terrible and bloody. Meanwhile, poor Spidey has lost Parker Industries, and has launched a new career as head of the Daily Bugle's science department.

Life has certainly taken a dramatic turn for MJ too. Nowadays, she's no mere fashion model or would-be actress; in Tony Stark's absence, she's acting head of Stark Industries. MJ has gotten drawn into the superhero life once again in spite of herself. Oddly, she's finding that she actually enjoys it, and as a result she's certainly more amenable to hooking up with Peter again. Amusingly enough, Slott is actually moving on to Invincible Iron Man once his Spider-Man run is over, so it's possible he'll continue writing MJ.

Marvel is attempting to draw back old fans with a so-called "Fresh Start" this summer. It's their latest relaunch, the third in four years, launched under the leadership of new Editor-in-Chief C. B. Cebulski. The relaunch comes after a disappointing and troubled 2017. Marvel's sales dropped across the board, and many of their major plots - such as "Secret Empire" - proved particularly divisive. One of the key successes of the year was the X-Men's "ResurrXion," which blended new concepts and ideas with a heavy dose of nostalgia. It seems likely that "Fresh Start," which advertises old-school heroes back in the limelight, will take a similar approach. Getting Peter and MJ back together would certainly fit with that.

So, Spider-Man fans, rejoice; it seems the fan-favorite relationship is finally coming back to the comics. Over on the big screen, it's possible Tom Holland's Peter Parker will ultimately wind up dating Zendaya's "MJ" too. There are swirling rumors that Holland and Zendaya are pretty close, too, so that may be quite appropriate.

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These are good days for the fans who 'ship Peter and MJ. You can pick up Amazing Spider-Man #796 from Marvel or at your local comic book shop.

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