Sorry Spider-Man Fans, Marvel Just Killed Mary Jane

Warning: SPOILERS for Jessica Jones #2

Jessica Jones is hot on the trail of a killer this week in Marvel's Jessica Jones #2, and he's targeting more than one powerful woman in the Marvel universe - including Spider-Man's greatest love, Mary Jane Watson.

It's hardly the first time that Jessica Jones and the characters of the Spider-Man family have crossed paths, of course. Both heroes (like so many in Marvel's world) are operating out of New York City, and Peter Parker has teamed up with Jessica in the comics more than once (and was recently working with her in the Hunt For Wolverine series). He's yet to appear in her Netflix world, but on the page, the two are very familiar to each other... as is Peter's long-time love interest, Mary Jane Watson.

Or she was, until she was found dead in her New York apartment (but that's just the beginning of the story).

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Last week, Jessica Jones' new title started off with a bang... literally, as the ex-superhero turned Private Investigator took a bullet to the head. It's something that even her powers shouldn't have been able to stop, but Jessica was miraculously left alive, and pretty much unharmed. The dead client in her office, not so much. But this week, Jessica learns that she and her old client (Dia Slone) are far from the only women in the crosshairs.

Mary Jane isn't the only woman who is being targeted in Jessica Jones, but she's certainly the most high profile one. In Jessica Jones #2, we learn that monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone has also been attacked, and it's after Jessica has met up with her that she learns MJ has been found dead in her New York apartment. Spider-Man himself makes an appearance in the comic here, as Jessica finds him outside the building, sitting forlornly on a bench, mourning her loss. Far from the confident, quip-slinging Spidey that we know and love, Peter is in total shock, and has no idea what to do about the loss of the love of his life... even if that loss isn't going to be as permanent as he might think.

In fact, MJ's death leads to a major discovery for Jessica, as she heads upstairs to the apartment to find her prime suspect leaning over Mary Jane's body - trying to bring her back to life. It seems that MJ's death is just the latest casualty in an ongoing battle within the man behind the attacks.

The killer, a man named "Jared," has been supernaturally slit into two (an evil half and a good half, naturally), both of whom have the ability to make their wishes come true with just a thought.

The evil Jared has been trying to kill off powerful women (including MJ and Jessica Jones), while the good Jared has been bringing them back to life. While he's not always successful, in this instance, good Jared gets to MJ in time and the iconic redhead is resurrected.

Mary Jane, returned to life after only a few panels of 'death', enjoys one of the fastest comic character resurrections of the Marvel universe this week. Which is saying something, in a world where no superhero ever really stays dead. It still isn't as bad as the worst things to ever happen to Mary Jane, and not even the worst of her deaths. That would probably be a tie between being eaten by a zombie Spider-Man, and dying of radiation poisoning due to prolonged exposure to Peter's radioactive... bodily fluids.

Jessica Jones #3 promises a showdown with the split Jared, and a much more cheerful Spider-Man when he realizes that MJ isn't really dead (and hopefully he finds out before he does something stupid!).

Jessica Jones #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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