First Look at Deadpool as Venom in Marvel's Back In Black Series

Deadpool, the fourth-wall-breaking Merc with a Mouth, is no stranger to borrowing other Marvel heroes' schticks. He's held Mjolnir, he's worn the Iron Man suit, and he's even Hulked out. His latest series, "Back In Black,"

doesn't see him taking the black Symbiote out on loan from anyone -- it suggests that the Venom suit was Deadpool's to begin with. Even before Peter Parker got a hold of the alien Symbiote, Deadpool had a fling with the sentient ooze.

According to Deadpool, shortly after the original "Secret Wars" series which saw Spidey first wear the black suit, the black suit came crawling back to the psychotic mercenary. Partly to save itself from bounty hunters on the lookout for the Symbiote, it bonds with Deadpool in the midst of a pitched battle with Dansen Macabre and Aaron Stack, Machine Man. Predictably, things get bloody, and Venompool slices and dices a room full of cultists.

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