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"The rumors are true," said the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #252 as Spidey swung from rooftop to rooftop, rescued civilians under arm, all while wearing a brand-new, black and white costume. It was the first major costume change Spidey had ever received, all inspired by a fan's

suggestion. Most comic readers, however, were not too happy with the new look, and requested Marvel change it back. So, in the ongoing "Secret Wars" event, which covered the costume's origin, it was revealed that the suit was really an alien lifeform, trying to bond permanently with Peter. Using a device of Mr. Fantastic's, the creature was blasted off of Spider-Man.

Fans can be fickle, however, and opinion on the new suit turned positive. The web-crawler would go on to wear a black suit for four years, whether as an alien goo or inert fabric. The sentient living slime, now known as a Symbiote, had become part of the Marvel universe, and would seek a new host once Peter had exorcised himself of it.

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