6 Actors Who Should Play The New 'Spider-Man'

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Marvel fans the world over are likely still pinching themselves, unable to believe that after years of wishing, Spider-Man is finally going to be joining Marvel's Cinematic Universe. The studio had previously hoped to include the iconic web-slinger in Captain America: Civil War, and after months of internal discussions, that seems to be the plan. As if that weren't enough of bombshell, the hunt for a new actor has kicked off instantly.

Although the "Civil War" comic series (which will act as inspiration for Marvel's movie counterpart) included an adult Peter Parker, recent reports have claimed that Spidey will once again be returned to high school, with an actor significantly younger than previous star Andrew Garfield (31), to help Marvel and Sony target a younger audience.

With that in mind, we've singled out a handful of young actors who either have been, will, or should be considered for the part, and how their strengths could be put to use in bringing a new Spider-Man to life. Read on for our list of 6 Actors Who Should Play The New Spider-Man.


Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort in talks to Star Baby Driver

Ever since newcomer Ansel Elgort crashed onto the scene with standout performances in Carrie and The Fault in our Stars, it was clear that a part in the Divergent series wouldn't be the last high-profile role he would land. As a heartthrob among younger audiences, the 20-year-old would perfectly fill Sony and Marvel's demand for a leading man sure to be popular among the same high schoolers he'll be rubbing shoulders with on screen.

He may not have the more action-oriented resumé of others on our list, but if we had to choose, Elgort's dramatic chops would be better served in a role like Peter Parker than, say, WarGames remake. Any young actor is going to be challenged when asked to share the screen with Captain America and Iron Man, but we have little doubt that Elgort could rise to the occasion.


Logan Lerman

Spider-Man New Actor Logan Lerman

The 23-year-old Logan Lerman has turned in a number of memorable performance over the past decade, with studios seeming to believe that his breakout blockbuster success is merely a matter of time. Finding success when part of an ensemble cast of truly talented co-stars - in 3:10 to YumaThe Perks of Being a WallflowerPercy JacksonNoah and most recently, David Ayer's Fury - may bring his potential for carrying a franchise like Spider-Man into question.

On the other hand, it's fair to say any young actor would have a hard time outshining Brad Pitt or Russell Crowe. Whatever the case, Lerman is a perfect illustration of the actor that Marvel and Sony could select for their reboot: youthful, likable, inoffensive, and a known quantity to young audiences. Casting his name into the ring almost goes without saying; likely why rumors of him being a frontrunner are cropping up already.


Alden Ehrenreich

Spider-Man New Actor Alden Ehrenreich

Sure to be lesser-known than the other actors on our list, Alden Ehrenreich has turned in a wide variety of small roles before taking the spotlight in the novel adaptation Beautiful Creatures. As one of the most memorable (or perhaps less offensive and over-the-top) performances in the YA romance, his ability to match the likes of Viola Davis, Jeremy Irons, and Emma Thompson in a flawed but harmless story was, understandably, overlooked.

Without knowing exactly how committed the studios are to differentiating the next take on Peter Parker from those previous, it's hard to know if Ehrenreich would be a fit. Playing the good-natured (and at-times awkward) lead in Creatures shows he could carry off the stereotypical Peter, but if the plan is to extend beyond high school into a more relatable adult Spidey, then Ehrenreich would be an intriguing pick.

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