Sony Unveils Spider-Man Legacy Collection 4K Blu-ray Box Set

Spider-Man - Andrew Garfield Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire

Sony has announced a new steelbook set of the first five Spider-Man movies, to be released in October alongside the Spider-Man: Homecoming home release. This latest reboot may keep Tom Holland gracing our screens as Peter Parker for some time, but that doesn't mean Sony is done with their previous two incarnations of the wall-crawler. Before Holland took over as the first Spidey to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony created two other cinematic versions of the character, and both are being promoted alongside the home release of the Homecoming DVD/Blu-ray.

The announcement comes as Sony preps for the fall home release of their latest Spider-Smash-Hit, which brought in over $780 million worldwide in cinemas. The exact date of the release hasn't been revealed yet, nor has the usual list of extras that fans can expect from the home version, but the studio has now announced that they'll be releasing a Spider-Man box set at the same time.

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The special steel box set is called the 'Spider-Man Legacy Collection 4K Ultra HD', and will include the Spider-Man trilogy and the Amazing Spider-Man duo in a 12-disc set, reports ComicBook. The set will also feature the Spider-Man 3 Editor's Cut, with several different scenes and a slightly shorter runtime than the original. In addition, fans can watch a series of featurettes created specifically for this Legacy Collection as well as archival special features.

Spider-Man Legacy 4K HD Box Set cover

With five movies and 12 discs in the set, the collection will likely spread each film over two discs, with the Spider-Man 3 Editor's Cut on a separate disc and the remaining featurettes on the twelfth. This will be the first time that all five movies are brought together into a single edition, although previous box sets have been released of the Spider-Man trilogy and the Amazing Spider-Man movies. All five movies were also re-released in Blu-ray this year.

This set is sure to be a hit with Spider-Man fans who have a particular interest in the kind of behind-the-scenes footage and featurettes that are usually found in special edition box sets - or those who don't own the full collection yet and are interested in having the entire previous Spider-Man collection in one single set.

However, some may raise an eyebrow at Sony's decision to re-release all previous films not just once, but three times within a single year: as Blu-ray editions, as box sets for each separate version of the webslinger, and now as a single Legacy collection. Given the massive success of Homecoming, there's little doubt that Sony is attempting to take advantage of that to make a little extra money from the pre-existing Spider-films by attaching this set to the Homecoming home release.

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The Spider-Man Legacy Collection will be available in October. 

Source: ComicBook

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