A hero is only as good as their villains, and it’s safe to say that Spider-Man has some of the most visually impressive and diverse rogues galleries of any comic book superhero. From the incredibly unsettling Green Goblin to the tentacular Doctor Octopus, through to villains like the Sandman or the Rhino, Spider-Man has done battle with some classic characters over the years.

But they can’t all be winners, and sometimes Spidey’s writers have just thrown together whatever lazy ideas they have lying around. This has led to a lot of underwhelming animal-themed enemies, as well as plenty of Spider-Man copycats that have longtime fans rolling their eyes.

Here are 17 Spider-Man Villains Whose Designs Are So Lazy Their Creators Shouldn’t Have Bothered:

17. The Spot

Spider Man villain The Spot Spider Man: His 17 Laziest Supervillain Designs

Let’s start things off with a classic. The Spot (real name Johnathon Ohnn) was once a scientist who worked for the Kingpin, before an accident with an experiment designed to recreate teleporter Cloak’s powerset. Of course, in classic Spider-Man fashion, this experiment backfired, leaving Ohnn with the power to create small round portals that look like portable holes from Road Runner cartoons.

This super power is hardly original, as Wile E Coyote will tell you, but the Spot’s costume is even worse – he basically looks exactly like Spider-Man, but white, and covered with bit black spots. In theory, this costume means that the comic artist who’s drawing him doesn’t have to try too hard and worry about pesky things like facial expressions.

In practice, it makes for a really dumb looking villain who’s been ridiculed by subsequent comic writers for decades.

16. Scorpia

Scorpia Spider Man: His 17 Laziest Supervillain Designs

What’s the simple and easy solution to creating a new twist on an old supervillain? Make them a sexy woman!

This is a logic that’s popped up in comics a lot over the years, particularly in Spider-Man comics. There are plenty of offenders here, such as Lady Octopus or Electra (not to be confused with Elektra, because sometimes comic writers are just the worst).

Scorpia is reflective of this popular timesaving villain creation strategy, which was used extensively throughout the nineties. What’s particularly perplexing, though, is that while Lady Octopus has long since faded into obscurity, Scorpia still pops up every now and then, when the writers are feeling particularly lazy and want to have Spider-Man fight someone with a robot tail.

Considering that the original Scorpion is really just a poor man’s Doc Ock, with one robotic limb instead of four and no particular intelligence to speak of, it’s weird that we keep seeing his gender swapped alternative wandering around New York. Clearly someone at Marvel has a fondness for Scorpia.