Interactive Spider-Man Can Be Your New Best Friend

If entertainment media were the Daily Bugle, Spider-Man would be splashed all over its front page right now! Marvel's witty webslinger was a centerpiece for Sony at their PlayStation E3 2017 press conference this week where they showcased footage for their exclusive Spider-Man video game and very shortly, Tom Holland's Peter Parker will be in theaters worldwide for the first-ever Spider-Man solo movie set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It couldn't be better timing then for Sphero to unveil what may be the most unique Spider-Man item for fans.

It's not really a toy in the traditional sense. Sphero's Spider-Man is an interactive companion. You can talk with it, play games with it and interact with it via a smartphone app. It can even evolve via future content updates that may add dialogue, missions, new features, and more. Recently we unveiled Sphero's other latest licensed item, the lifelike Lightning McQueen remote controlled car - something that somehow managed to impress us even more than their game-changing Star Wars BB-8 line, and Spider-Man is another innovation for Sphero who've mastered remote controlled robots. This one doesn't drive. It's something new and different.

Note: This Spider-Man is not an item specifically based on this summer's Spider-Man Homecoming but it's licensed and timed with it certainly, and absolutely is using Tom Holland's Stark-made Spidey costume as the inspiration for its visual design. Even the logo is the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the iconic symbol, but don't expect to hear Holland's voice with this one.

What's Sphero's Spider-Man Really About?

Join forces with Spider-Man and enter the Marvel Universe like never before. This voice interactive Super Hero brings Spidey to life and features hours of entertainment. Embark on missions against the most notorious villains in engaging experiences. Every decision you make creates a new path forward, so your unique journey will continue to evolve. Spidey's Wi-Fi capabilities allow for new missions, villains, and other automatic updates. When not fighting bad guys, hang out and strike up some banter with your friendly neighborhood hero. Spidey's reactions and signature snarky attitude are sure to keep you on your toes.

Built with fully animated LCD eyes and motion detection, Spider-Man is as expressive as he is perceptive. Watch him react to people passing by, set him to wake you up, or have him guard your room to stop snooping siblings. The tech in this interactive, immersive, and intellectual Spidey empowers you to be his heroic ally. Team up. Hang out. Fight Villains. Hero stuff.

What's in the Box

  • Spider-Man Interactive App-Enabled Super Hero
  • Charging Base
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Legal Guide

Tech Specs

  • iOS & Android compatible
  • Premium silicone finish
  • Bluetooth Smart BLE connection
  • Web charging base (over 2 hours of play on a full charge)
  • Free App: Spider-Man Interactive App-Enabled Super Hero powered by Sphero available through iTunes or Google Play Store
  • Expressive LCD eyes
  • Microphone
  • High-fidelity speaker
  • 3D accelerometer
  • Height: 21.5 cm – Width: 14.5 cm – Weight 680 g

Product Features

  • Wise-crackin’ Spidey – Talk to Spidey using a variety of phrases. But be warned - he’s quite the jokester!
  • Super Smarts – Spider-Man listens & adapts to your unique personality.
  • Team Up – Go on missions & battle villains. Every decision influences the adventure.
  • Emotive Eyes – Spidey’s LCD eyes express his every thought and emotion
  • Spider-Sense – Spidey can sense what’s going on and he’ll let you know it
  • Ultimate Experience – Spidey’s web connection allows you to get content updates
  • Create an alter ego – Create your Super Hero identity and keep tabs on your accomplishments.
  • Write your story – Every decision creates a new path forward, making every adventure unique.

We had the chance to get hands on and speak with the little Marvel superhero at a Sphero event in Toronto weeks ago where the interactive Spider-Man was first revealed and were impressed by the amount of dialogue, the app options, and even the little Easter Eggs added in. For any Spider-Man fan, this is not only an interactive companion or toy, but it's a unique collectible and the ultimate alarm clock. It looks as great as a display piece as it does a functional item and the potential it offers with future updates is rather exciting.

After Sphero blew us away with their BB-8 toy, we couldn't imagine them surpassing that and they did in a big way with the Lightning McQueen toy released last month. And this piece, shows the company is thinking outside of the box and are doing so much more than vehicles. It also reinfornces their relationship with Disney having now worked on licensed products for Star Wars, Cars, and Marvel brands. This begs the question of what's next? Bring on Venom!

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Source: Sphero

Key Release Dates
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) release date: Jul 07, 2017
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