Zendaya Is Done Talking About Spider-Man: Homecoming For Now

Zendaya in Spider-Man

Thanks to his debut in Captain America: Civil War, fans are on a high when it comes to Spider-Man. For the first time ever, he is living in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has allowed him to already interact with a number of familiar faces. It was this debut that began getting audiences excited for Spider-Man: Homecoming so they could see what Tom Holland can do in his own movie. The first trailer offered up a heavy focus on the web-crawler, but also made sure to let viewers know that this is the same world as the MCU by including a lot of Tony Stark.

One of the new faces that audiences will meet in Homecoming will be Zendaya. She is a rising talent and over the last few months, there has been quite the conversation surrounding her role. Initially, she was said to play Michelle, before reports suggested she is actually Mary Jane Watson. Zendaya has since shot down those reports, but in the aftermath of it all, she is keeping her mouth closed so she doesn't get into trouble.

Zendaya was a guest on Good Morning America but it was Daily Mail that shared the interview they had with her. When they asked her about her involvement with Homecoming, the young actress took a different approach than before and continued to say that she would talk about the project because she didn't want to get into trouble.

It's very exciting. I mean, I can't say anything because I'm not going to get in trouble. I'm not going to be that person that gets in trouble, but I can say its going to be a lot, a lot of fun.

When they followed up and asked her if she knew everything about the movie, she again side stepped the question.

It's a very tight situation. They can't let anything out, it's Spider-Man you know, so again not getting in trouble.

Zendaya Mary Jane Spider-Man

This is a very different approach than she has taken in the past. She has previously been rather blunt in squashing rumors that she is actually MJ, but with this change, it is possible that she could have already gotten in trouble with Marvel and Sony. If she truly isn't MJ, then the studios should have no problem with her refuting those claims. However, if the reports are true and she is MJ, it appears as though they were planning to keep that a secret until the film.

It is very possible that Zendaya's hard anti-MJ stance was her way of trying to preserve that secret, but after deliberately stating that she's absolutely not Peter's longtime love interest, Sony and Marvel could have asked her to back off that stance just a bit as to not completely mislead fans. If they are really planning it to be a surprise, it will be rather difficult to pull that off in a manner that doesn't feel like a surprise just for the sake of having one, but Marvel's track record indicates they know what they're doing.

Then again, she could simply be trying to keep the rest of the plot a mystery and her fear of getting in trouble is not based on former statements. In either case, all these answers will come in a matter of time, but as Homecoming draws near, pay close attention to how they promote her character and what is said about "Michelle."

Source: Daily Mail

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