Spider-Man: Homecoming Writers Had 3 Days To Write a Pitch For Marvel

Spiderman: Homecoming screenwriters Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley have revealed that they only have three days to polish up their pitch for Tom Holland's first full go as the web-slinging superhero. Director Jon Watts may have been working a little bit longer on some coming-of-age concepts that he wanted to use on his next film even before Homecoming, but Goldstein and Daley were on tethers as they tried to come up with a treatment they would use to apply for the big gig.

Homecoming may not be the best project to be rushed at any point in its development and production process given that a lot is hinged on the film - more so with Marvel Studios and Sony Entertainment Pictures finally collaborating to bring a new version of Spidey onto the big screen. The writing duo who was known for comedies like Horrible Bosses and 2015's Vacation, unfortunately, did not have much choice but to concoct an impressive pitch in less than half a week to present to the studio execs if they wanted a chance in landing the job.

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Sitting down with THR, Goldstein and Daley shared how they were able to pull off the improbable, saying that the additional time pressure might have helped them in working efficiently to come up with the film's narrative. Daley, for his part, has chalked it up to not having extra time to ponder on the immense responsibility on their shoulders and focusing on the real work. He said:

"There was no time to be nervous really. We had such a ticking clock in getting this thing made and also in pitching it." 

Goldstein chimed in by adding that the reason they eventually landed the job was because the story that they came up with aligned with Marvel's vision of this version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man - young, jovial and very grounded:

"I think it was the combination of the humor of it, along with the relatability, that we told a high school story that happened to have superpowers. I think that's something everybody can relate to. Just because you get superpowers, doesn't mean you become an adult or sophisticated or can get the girl."

All of Goldstein and Daley's hard work eventually paid off with Homecoming doing very well at the box office, thus far nabbing $50.5 million on its opening day Friday and tracking very well to a $100+ million opening weekend. The film is also a massive hit with critics earning an A CinemaScore from viewers, as well as, a certified fresh Rotten Tomato rating with a 94 percent grade.

Spider-Man: Homecoming tackles Peter Parker's struggles to settle back into his old life after his sneak peek at the bigger superhero world spearheaded with the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. Overeager to prove himself to Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) he tries to singlehandedly take down the Vulture (Michael Keaton).

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Source: THR

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