Spider-Man: Homecoming Looking at $190+ Million Worldwide Opening

Spider-Man: Homecoming is on track to have a massive worldwide opening, beating out Sony's two previous entries featuring the character. Sony did well at the box office with each previous Spider-Man films, but critical reception faltered over the years. What's more, the Amazing Spider-Man series never quite took off compared to Marvel Studios' own efforts. It's for those reasons that Sony and Marvel were able to broker a deal to bring Spidey into the MCU, and the move looks to be benefitting both studios.

Sony will be taking home all of the profits from Homecoming, which will see a major boost in buzz thanks to the connection Spidey now has to the Avengers. Add in Iron Man's significant role in the film, and Sony will likely get its biggest hit of the year this weekend. On top of that, the movie will help boost upcoming Marvel projects featuring Spidey, such as the new animated series Marvel's Spider-Man. With estimates starting to trickle in, Homecoming is currently on track for an opening upwards of $120 million domestically. Internationally, it looks like it will pull in a similarly large haul.

Deadline reports that overseas estimates have Spider-Man: Homecoming tracking for a $90–$110M opening. Combined with domestic projections, the film could land anywhere between $190M and $210M this weekend. Not only would those numbers make for an impressive worldwide opening for the film, but countries such as China, Germany, Japan, and France won't see the film until later in the summer. Once Homecoming opens in those territories, the movie's box office haul will likely be even more impressive.

With previews starting tomorrow, we'll get an early look at the film's potential weekend haul come Friday morning. Meanwhile, Homecoming has already opened in South Korea to $3.5M. That total puts it ahead of the releases of films like Doctor Strange and Amazing Spider-Man 2. Even if the low end of weekend estimates proves true, Homecoming still stands to earn Sony a considerable amount of money.

Homecoming could end up surprising everyone with an ever bigger opening than is being projected. Aside from Spider-Man's universal popularity, the appearance of Tom Holland in Civil War and Robert Downey Jr. in Homecoming will help boost the new film's chances. The movie is also earning strong reviews from critics and has garnered a 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Of course, Homecoming will face some competition this weekend. Despicable Me 3 opened strong this past weekend, and will likely eat at Homecoming's ticket sales and audience over the next few days. We'll have a better picture of Spider-Man: Homecoming's box office prospects soon, so stay tuned.

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Source: Deadline

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