Spider-Man: Homecoming Heading to $780 Million Worldwide

Spider-Man: Homecoming is projected to nab $780 million at the global box office with the upcoming release of the movie in some remaining Asian markets in the next few weeks. The film, which came out in North America and a majority of other countries in July, currently sits at $707 million in ticket sales. It's looking for a significant increase in box office total with the forthcoming release of the movie in China, following its recent Japanese roll-out earlier this month.

Being the first time Marvel Studios will have a take on arguably their most popular character, Homecoming was crafted in a way to differentiate it with its predecessors. For starters, the third iteration of the web-slinging good doer is a lot younger compared to his Sam Raimi trilogy and The Amazing Spider-Man duo counterparts, with Tom Holland's Peter Parker still in high school. Further, the film included an infusion of Marvel Cinematic Universe references and the addition of Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) as the budding hero's unofficial mentor. However, Despite the positive reviews and good word of mouth, Homecoming still did not perform at the box office the way many people perceived - breaking box office records even within its own six-film franchise easily.

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That said, the film is not a commercial failure - in fact, it is far from it. According to Forbes, Homecoming is looking to pocket a huge payday in the following weeks, starting with a push today that would increase its total to $709 million. This would officially usher it past The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which totaled close to $709 million for itself in 2014. Predicting upcoming box office performance, the film is said to take around $20-30 million in Japan with a remaining $10-12 million unaccounted domestic receipts still waiting to be tallied with an estimated same amount for other territories.

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China, however, where the film is set to hit theaters on September 8, could boost up Homecoming's total sales haul from a low of $30 million up to a staggering $100 million. This would all depend on Marvel's crowd pull in the country with their Marvel Cinematic Universe branding. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the last MCU film prior to Homecoming, racked up more than $99 million at the Chinese box office.

Considering these scenarios, the least amount of money Homecoming can nab is $775 million, which would put it past not only The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but The Amazing Spider-Man, the latter of which took home almost $758 million in 2012. This would make it the fourth highest grossing Spidey flick within its six-movie history. It also inches it closer to Spider-Man 2's $783.8 million global box office score in 2004. Unfortunately, it seems farfetched for it to surpass the remaining two films - Spider-Man (2002) raking in $821 million and Spider-Man 3 (2007) $890 million.

There were a lot of things hinging on the property given that it is the first collaboration between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures. But even with just a median performance at the box office within its own franchise, Spider-Man: Homecoming is still a home run for the Spidey movies moving forward especially now that the web slinging superhero finally exists in the same universe as The Avengers and the Guardians. His next mission involves stopping mad Titan Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and untitled Avengers 4, after which he will once again embark on his solo adventure, kicking off MCU's Phase 4.

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Source: Forbes

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