Stan Lee Reveals the Origin of Spider-Man's Vulture

A new clip from the Spider-Man: Homecoming Blu-ray/DVD explores the evolution of the Vulture from page to screen. The newest Spider-Man film may be on its way out of North American theaters, but its run is just getting started in China. Already, the film's box office haul has made it the second highest-grossing film featuring the Wall Crawler. Meanwhile, it's become the highest-earning superhero film of 2017. But as its cinematic presence winds down, its home video release is just around the corner.

Available digitally, Homecoming will soon arrive on Blu-ray and DVD. Thanks to that, Marvel and Sony have been teasing fans with a number of the extras that will be available for those who purchase a physical copy. Along with the full list of bonus features, we recently got to see a clip of Tom Holland performing his own stunts. Yesterday brought with it a video of comic writer Kevin Smith explaining what worked so well about the story of a young Peter Parker. Now, we have some insight into the film from the man who brought Spidey to life.

Yahoo has an exclusive clip from one of the featurettes that will come with the home video release of Spider-Man: Homecoming. In it, the evolution of the Vulture is charted with commentary from Stan Lee. Not only did Lee create Spider-Man, but he was responsible for making the Vulture alongside artist Steve Ditko.

Though the video is just a tease, we do get to hear Lee's reasoning for making the Vulture an older man. To him, the idea of someone advanced in age that could still perform incredible feats was an appealing one. Of course, the concept could have looked silly on screen. It's because of that the producers and minds behind Homecoming decided to update the character.

Along with aging him down a bit, they transformed his spandex costume and thing wings into a massive suit and flying rig. Along with Michael Keaton's performance as an everyman who turns to crime to protect his livelihood, the inventive update on the Vulture was one of the highlights of the film. Not only does the movie utilize its MCU setting by calling back to the Chitauri invasion, but it attempts to work in some real-world mechanics for the villain's flight suit.

With the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming right around the corner, expect more looks behind-the-scenes and more bonus features to arrive online soon.

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Source: Yahoo

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