Vulture Attacks in Final Spider-Man: Homecoming International Trailer

Alongside the release of the last U.S. trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming comes a brand-new international one that puts the spotlight on the film's main big baddie, Michael Keaton's Adrian Toomes (also known as Vulture). With his illegal operations threatened by the appearance of Tom Holland's Spider-Man, the villain is menacing and merciless, when it comes to getting rid of Peter out of his way.

In the previously-released trailers for the film, Keaton's character was only shown a handful of times with limited dialogue. That is not the case this time, as the final international trailer for Homecoming heavily features the villain. Fans can learn a little bit more of his process in running organized crime group that uses tech from the New York incident that involved the Chitauris in the first Avengers movie.

A little bit more than 2 minutes long, the international trailer, as seen above, reveals more of the motivations and modus operandi of Toomes - which unfortunately for him, Peter eventually figures out. In one sequence, Adrian even talks about being able to get away with his shenanigans for years until the superhero "in red tights shows up." The clip also sheds some light on what the villain's end game (at least in the film) will be and that is to infiltrate Stark/Avengers Tower  and steal weaponry from Tony (Robert Downey Jr.), to further his illegal operations. You can also check out the new Vulture-centric poster for Homecoming below:

Going off the trailers and the official character description for the criminal, much like Tony and Peter (who initially created his suit himself), Toomes is a creator. He likes to build things, including his own flying get-up - one that makes him look very different, compared to his comic book counterpart. Furthermore, it seems as though Peter will be trying to help Tony and prevent Vulture from sneaking in into the Avengers New York facility while the "genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist" is busy devising a plan for what's to come in Avengers: Infinity War.

Interestingly, the clip still included the ferry incident and the conversation that Tony and Peter had just after it, but not to the full extent like how it was in the second U.S. trailer for Homecoming. A lot of fans were dismayed when the full version of the post-ferry scene ended up in Homecoming's trailer 2, as they felt that it revealed too much of its narrative. Meanwhile, Happy Hogan's (Jon Favreau) seemingly prominent presence, as well as, Peter "vlogging" the events of Captain America: Civil War, are additional bonuses for long-time Marvel Cinematic followers who best understand the tie-ups webbing the shared universe.

With all full trailers (both U.S. and International) now out, the difference in how Spider-Man: Homecoming is being promoted domestically and elsewhere around the globe is very striking. The first and third U.S. trailers leaned towards the John Hughes vibe, quirky tone of the movie, while their international counterparts capitalize on the action sequences.

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