Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer #2 Breakdown

Spider-Man Homecoming

After getting a taste of the MCU version of the web-slinger in last year's Captain America: Civil War, fans will finally get the fruits of Marvel and Sony's historic rights-sharing deal in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Following Tom Holland's Peter Parker trying to return to normal school life after the high of fighting alongside/against the Avengers, Jon Watts film promises to be both an essential part of the ongoing universe and a well-observed take on the cinematically underserved icon.

The first trailer (a pair, in fact) were released late last year, and now after an excellent run of posters, we've got a second batch of footage. Rather than just repurposing what we've seen before, Trailer #2 offers up a lot of new stuff. In fact, typical of Sony marketing, it looks like the majority of the film's plot has been neatly broken down and some big surprise cameos revealed. It would have certainly been nice to have had a few surprises kept for July, but at the same time what has been shown is incredibly exciting. Here's everything we've just learned.

A New Take On Suiting Up

Tom Holland suits up as Peter Parker in Spider-Man Homecoming

In the previous screen versions of Spider-Man, Peter Parker typically wore his skin-tight costume underneath his regular clothes so he was able to transform into the web-slinger at a moment's notice. That’s getting a mix up in Homecoming – the trailer opens with Peter running into a side street to get the costume out of his school bag and actively change (presumably he no longer wears the web-shooters casually like in Civil War).

It’s a neat little gag about superhero logistics in the real world, and also fits the scrappy, youthful Peter we’re now dealing with. While it looks tricky to put on, the trailer shows that the costume is pretty easy to remove; Stark tech in the material means it can be tightened and loosened at ease by simply pushing the Spider logo on his chest.

On a side note, it’s rather humorous that the struggling to get dressed comes so soon after the Deadpool 2 teaser made a similar gag poking fun at the long-stood Superman convention (although this version is lacking any rear nudity).

The New Suit's Powers

Spider-Tracer in Spider-Man Homecoming

On the topic of Peter’s new, Stark-created outfit that replaces his original homemade version (glimpsed in Captain America: Civil War), we get to see more of its special features in the trailer. Civil War unveiled the shutter eye holes and the previous trailer revealed that the underarm webbing had finally been brought to the big screen (with a practical purpose).

There are a couple of new elements shown here. Most prominent is the Spider-Tracer – the suit’s logo isn’t just a on-off button, but can become a flying remote drone, which he uses during the Washington D.C. sequence. In the comics these devices were used to track people, although it’s possible the Stark update is more sophisticated.

There’s also webbing bombs, used to take down goons on the ferry; after incapacitating some nearby bad guys, Spidey nonchalantly fires a glob of webbing behind him that explodes and captures a running baddie. Whether this is a Parker or Stark creation – Peter made his own webbing, after all – is unclear, but it looks to be, like the glider arms, part of making Spidey’s toolkit less restrictive; he can glide and be offensive at a distance.

The Avengers (And Captain America’s Fitness Challenge)

Captain America’s Fitness Challenge from Spider-Man Homecoming

Homecoming is, of course, the first full Spider-Man film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, picking up from Peter’s brief flirtation with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as part of Team Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War, they’re going to play a big part in the film. We already saw with the last trailer that there’s a POV scene set before the airport fight (probably the movie’s opening) and the new one repeats the moment of Peter asking about trials, which Tony resolutely shoots down, telling him to be a “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man”. We also get confirmation that Peter visits Avengers tower to talk to Tony about the Vulture threat and Iron Man obviously has a presence later on in the action.

The best character inclusion, though, is Captain America; at school, Peter and his classmates watch a video starring Steve Rogers advertising “Captain America’s Fitness Challenge”. Looks like Cap’s still having to serve as a promotional tool even outside of World War II, putting his name to a workout tape. He’s wearing his costume seen in The Avengers, suggesting this was done shortly after he was thawed and before the team properly assembled.

It was already teased that Chris Evans may have a part in the film, and given that Steve’s on the run after Civil War this is a good way to enable it. Of course, he could have a bigger, secret cameo, but if that’s happening Sony are yet to show it.

Spider-Man About Town

Peter Parker swings into a pool in Spider-Man Homecoming

There are a lot of story variables being thrown up in the trailer, but the short tease does still find some time to show off some classic Spidey action. There are several shots of him swinging through the city in his new duds screaming with excitement, waving at people as he goes by. The highlight is him whipping through the suburbs where he crashes into a pool and soaking a party before heading on his way.

This is the quippy, lighthearted Spider-Man fans have been waiting for, with a proper teenage attitude to the whole hero thing. While we’ll see later the movie will explore the serious side of that, it looks like Watts will at least include some pure fun.

Ned Finds Out

Ned Leads in Spider-Man Homecoming

One of the biggest influences on Peter’s life in Homecoming is best friend Ned Leeds, played by Jacob Batalon. We saw in the first trailer that Ned would discover his friend is the Spider guy, and now we have a bit more context. It looks like, whereas Spidey’s notoriety was typically spread by the Daily Bugle, in the MCU legend comes from YouTube videos (like the one that helped Tony Stark first find Peter).

Ned reacts to finding out his friend’s secret identity like any fifteen-year-old would – inquisitive awe. He asks if he can call an army of spiders (presumably a reference to Ant-Man’s abilities) and when watching Captain America’s Fitness Challenge asks if he knows him, leading to Peter bragging about the iconic shield grab from Civil War. The highlight is Ned trying on the suit, highlighting Peter’s more casual approach.

Spidey’s true identity has typically been reserved for love interests and villains, so it’ll be interesting to see how it works with a teenage best buddy having to carry the secret.

Vulture: The 99% Hero

Michael Keaton as Adiran Toomes aka Vulture in Spider-Man Homecoming

The trailer also gives us a little more of the movie’s villain: Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes. The Vulture is one of Spider-Man’s biggest villains yet to be used on screen, so there's definitely a lot riding on Homecoming, in amongst its other responsibilities, to get him right.

This version of Vulture proclaims to have an almost altruistic motivation; introduced citing “The rich and the powerful, like Stark, they don’t care about us”, he presents like a less difficult to understand Bane (he even has a similar jacket) and his story makes him a very 99% villain. He's a salvage collector used to clearing up after superheroes who finds himself in professional conflict with Tony Stark (more on that in a moment), so switches sides and vows to use developed alien tech against his new foes. It's a bit of departure from the comics, but fits the core character ethos; in print Toomes was driven to crime after being swindled out of his engineering company.

Fitting of how Homecoming deals with the repercussions of Civil War, this really plays into that movie’s idea of how the presence of the Avengers has in fact led to more dangers. Indeed, Toomes stating “the world’s changing boys - time we changed too" makes him feel in part a product of the Age of Heroes.

Damage Control

The Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer's biggest reveal may also be its most subtle. During Vulture's tirade, there's a quick flash of a TV screen showing a news story about Tony Stark and "Damage Control". As confirmed by the director, this is a reference to the organization who go around cleaning up after the destructive heroes that may be getting their own TV show in the future. Based on further comments by Watts, it sounds like the post-Civil War Stark has become increasingly concerned by collateral damage and is funding a company that will directly address that - of course, something that puts him directly against Toomes.

This both provides Vulture's motives and parallels Peter's return to normal life, making it a rather suitable (and character fitting) step for Iron Man. How prominent Damage Control actually are in the film, and how much this sets up any future outings, is unclear, but it should be an interesting bit of world building all the same.

The Ferry Sequence

Peter Parker saves the ferry in Spider-Man Homecoming

The middle set-piece of the trailer is fittingly what is likely the film’s second act show-stopper. On the Staten Island Ferry, Spider-Man tries to stop a group of gun-wielding goons, but things quickly go south when Vulture brings out his destructive tech, splitting the ship in two. As already seen, Spider-Man tries to bring the ship together with his webbing (a classic Spidey move), but the new trailer reveals how the scene will ultimately resolve; Iron Man flies to the rescue, using his suit and some new repulsor gizmos to push the ship back together.

Based on what comes after, this may be the only time Spider-Man and Iron Man actively team up in the movie - and it’s fair to say it isn't a harmonious working relationship.

During this sequence we get one of the trailer's best easter eggs too, with the license plate on a car subtly namechecking the first appearance of Vulture:

Spider-Man easter egg: license plate reads SM2-0563. First appearance of Vulture? Amazing Spider-Man #2, published May, 1963 (05/63) @jnwtts

— Mike Sampson (@mjsamps) March 28, 2017

Iron Man's Ultimate Armor

Iron Man in Spider-Man Homecoming

Every new film starring Iron Man features a new version of his suit (or, Iron Man 3's case, dozens of new versions) and Homecoming will be no different. Although his suit doesn't look all that different to what he wore in Civil War, toys revealed that he was in fact wearing something akin to the Ultimate Marvel iteration, and in the trailer you can (briefly) see it in action during his ferry save.

The armor essentially looks like the Mark XLVI, but with a different body, which is now colored gray instead of red and gold. Of course, being an upgrade, there's bound to be some cool new gadgets up the robotic sleeves. As already mentioned, the repulsors can be seen in the trailer, but who knows what else he'll whip out against Vulture/Peter.

On the note of Iron Man's suit, there's a shot of Toombes holding what Iron Man's faceplate, which, based on the detailing, appears to be genuine, which further plays into the corporate rivalry and may hint at Iron Man actually being targeted by the villain.

Iron Man Reclaims The Suit

Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark Iron Man Confronts Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider-Man Homecoming

Tony Stark’s general hesitance towards Peter joining the Avengers comes to a head after ferry incident, with him frustrated at Peter getting himself into (and to some degree causing) such a dangerous event and, as some had suspected, demands the teenager return the suit. This leads to Peter having to start wearing his old homemade suit again, which can be seen throughout the rest of the trailer.

This continues the positioning of Iron Man as MCU Peter’s de facto father figure (after Ben and Richard Parker in the previous versions respectively), with the once reckless billionaire now trying to stop his young ward being so like him. It’s a perfect transference of the teenage side of film into the action, with an inspired Peter trying to be like his idol and believing he’s on the same level. The whole film seems to be exploring this acceptance of what Spider-Man is, eloquently summed up by Tony’s "if you're nothing without this suit, you shouldn't have it", which will no doubt be reflected in his eventual victory.


Shocker in Spider-Man Homecoming

Vulture isn’t the only villain in the movie – there’s also Shocker. Or, rather, Shockers; there’s two characters in the movie who fit the role of the electricity-wielding bad guy. First is Logan Marshall Green, seen early on in the trailer using a rifle-like weapon supported by Donald Glover’s criminal, and later Bokeem Woodbine using arm braclets in a duel with Spidey (in homemade suit) amongst school buses.

From his more physical presence, clearly Woodbine's Herman Schultz is the "real" Shocker, but the same costume and similar weapons link them. The exact relationship between the two characters is unclear, but both appear to be henchmen for Vulture, using his laser tech to wreak havoc across the city.

Aunt May Worries

Marisa Tomei as Aunt May and Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider-Man Homecoming

We’ve not seen much Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May so far – just a couple of stray reaction shots – but this trailer gives us one nice character moment, with her intoning to Peter, “You need to stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.” Obviously she has no idea quite the extent of the weight Peter’s carrying, which works in two ways - it highlights how Peter has to keep the ones he loves in the dark of his true abilities and highlight's May's unconditional love. On that note, it’s worth remembering that they’re both still dealing with the death of Uncle Ben – it’s not even been hinted at whether that incident will be directly addressed, but like in Civil War it will loom unspoken regardless.

It's looking like, despite the younger casting, Tomei will be positioned mostly in the typically doting Aunt role: recent tie-in comic Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude (which is pretty much just a beat-for-beat retread of Civil War) made a point of showing her being shook by the news of the UN attack. Although don't rule out further flirtations with Tony Stark.

Vulture Unmasking

Vulture Taunts Peter Parker in Spider-Man Homecoming

As the trailer goes on, there’s a lot more glimpses of various Vulture action beats – there’s him roundly besting Peter in a fight on the beach and him using his wingsuit as a remote weapon against Spidey in the abandoned building that may be his laire. It’s not clear, but it’s likely these are all part of the same larger final sequence of the film – Peter’s in his homemade suit and the nighttime setting chimes with the plane sequence seen later. In fact, the beach scene seems to comes after the plane’s crashed away from the city, going by the amount of fire and wreckage around the pair.

One key moment of intrigue is how Toomes toying with a beaten, mask-less Peter, meaning he will – eventually – become aware of his secret identity. If it comes late in the fight then it may not be as narratively pertinent as it has been in every previous film, but it still allows for the more intimate showdown Spidey usually gets with his villains.

The Actual Homecoming

Laura Harrier as Liz Allan in Spider-Man Homecoming

It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but for one shot we actually get a glimpse of the titular Homecoming dance, with Peter kissing Laura Harrier’s cool girl Liz Allan. Given its title placement, the Homecoming will likely be the driving force of school narrative (we saw Liz putting up a poster for the event in the last trailer), although little has been revealed about it so far; you can presume in classic Spidey style Peter will be juggling social obligations and saving the city.

In fact, beyond Ned’s discovery, little has been made of the school-side of the story in general – we’re yet to see Tony Revolori’s Flash Thompson and Zendaya's love interest Michelle (who was rumored to be this film's Mary Jane) has been mostly side-stepped (so far she's just been the bookish girl in the background). Based on the handful of scenes we’ve got, though, what’s likely to happen is that for most of the film Peter pines for Liz, but in the end goes for Zendaya’s character after – like with his Avengers positioning – accepting who he really is.

The Washington D.C. Scene

Washington Monument Explodes in Spider-Man Homecoming

One of the most striking sequences teased in the marketing is a school trip to Washington D.C. that leads to Peter suiting up and having to fight goons in the Washington Monument, grabbing a falling elevator and gliding over police helicopters. Based on the fact he's wearing the Stark suit, this comes early on in the movie and, given how it features him using the spider-tracer and underarm webbing, will be a showcase of what his new kit can do.

In terms of plot relevance, it’s unclear how essential it will be. On the face of it, the scene simply to be about establishing the status quo of his work-life balance and allowing for that rare Spider-Man action beat outside of NYC, but as the explosion at the top of the monument is the same purple as Vulture’s weapons it could be a precursor to Adrian Toomes’ introduction.

The Plane Save

Plane save in Spider-Man Homecoming

The end of the trailer appears to be the film’s big finale, where a homemade-suited Spidey takes on the Vulture out of a sense of pure duty. This is where the flying villain’s abilities come into his own, taking Spider-Man well above the safety of web-clinging buildings and forcing a webbing-less Peter to really push himself. The centre of the set-piece looks to be Vulture damaging a cargo plane that Peter then has to save, holding the wings in place as he flies the plane through Manhattan.

There’s some pretty loaded imagery here; the sight of a plane flying through skyscrapers is immediately going to conjure 9/11 subtext, which is only made more pointed when you consider the original Spider-Man had its first trailer pulled after the horrific event. It’s a bold move, but if handled right can – similar to real-life based Sully – give the film a strong, uniquely New York underpinning.

Regardless of that disturbing real-world context, it does make the second Spider-Man film running to end with a plane gambit – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had a strange near collision thread in its muddled finale – although hopefully in having Spidey directly involved Homecoming can make more of an impact.

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