Spider-Man: Homecoming Toys Reveal Additional Villains

A Diamond Select Toys panel at Comic-Con revealed that Spider-Man: Homecoming could feature multiple villains in the film.

Spider-Man Civil War

WARNING: This post contains POSSIBLE SPOILERS for Spider-Man: Homecoming


Today was a big day for fans of Spider-Man, as the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming was part of the Marvel Studios panel at Hall H during San Diego Comic-Con 2016. Director Jon Watts has only been filming for 10 days, but he still shot enough to give fans an amusing sizzle reel depicting Peter Parker's life as a high schooler in New York, setting the stage for what could be one of the most entertaining Marvel Cinematic Universe movies yet. The trailer ended with confirmation that the Vulture would be the main villain of the story, marking the first time that character would be seen in live-action.

As exciting as that proposition is, it would appear that Vulture won't be the only one doing battle against Spider-Man. Despite the franchise's mixed history with incorporating numerous antagonists to torment Peter Parker (Spider-Man 3The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Homecoming is hoping that the third time will be the charm. Once again, a Spider-Man film will feature a trio of enemies for the web slinger to fight.

Hall H wasn't the only source for news on the MCU's first standalone Spider-Man vehicle. While attending a Diamond Select Toys panel, Griffin Newman learned that the company wants to produce an entire line based on Homecoming's roster of characters, which allegedly includes the likes of the Tinkerer and the Shocker: