Spider-Man: Homecoming's Tony Revolori is Up for an Agent Venom Movie

Tony Revolori has big hopes for his Spider-Man: Homecoming character that would ultimately lead to an Agent Venom movie. Revolori is one of the many young stars of Homecoming, and just like most of them, he's found a potentially meaty role. Once Homecoming hits theaters next week, audiences will be introduced to his take on Flash Thompson. As a traditional bully in the comics, he has undergone some alterations for the MCU that will see him be more so Peter Parker's rival than bully.

Even though the current trajectory of this franchise is to explore the high school life of Peter (and Flash by association), Revolori is well aware of the deep comic arc that his character experiences. This is why he is hoping to see the full Agent Venom storyline play out.

In an interview with Inverse, Revolori was asked about the future hopes for his character the direction he would want to see him go. Despite it potentially being years away from happening at this point, he is already pushing for Flash to join the army, lose his legs, and then become Agent Venom.

If there was an Agent Venom movie, of course, I would love to do it. Hopefully they tap me if they ever actually go that route.

Spider-Man Peter Parker finds out that Flash Thompson is Agent Venom Marvel

It should not be a surprise that any actor wants to see their role expanded moving forward - especially in a big franchise such as this - but Revolori sounds as though he's a true fan of this arc and wouldn't be doing it just for the job security.

I love that in the comics, he grows from this bully to somebody who can change. Much like the actual Venom symbiote, he changes to become a good person. I think that’s what’s so wonderful about Flash, that the possibility for change is there for anyone. That’s what he represents and what I’d love [to portray]. He gains what he got from Spider-Man, which is this sense of responsibility.

Revolori will be the third Flash Thompson on the big screen, following in the footsteps of Joe Manganiello in Spider-Man and Chris Zylka in The Amazing Spider-Man, but he would be the first to explore this arc if it happens. In the comics, Flash becomes a major Spider-Man fan and uses him as inspiration to join the army. But, during the Iraq war, he loses both of his legs. Later on when the Venom symbiote attaches to him, the symbiote makes it possible for him to walk again and he uses this second chance with the symbiote to do some good.

From there on, Agent Venom is hero through it all and eventually becomes a team member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Considering the fact this is a lot of story to tell for a supporting character, it is unclear whether or not this is something Sony and Marvel Studios are considering. Revolori is a great actor with the potential to step in to a bigger role like this without a problem, but it could be Tom Hardy's Venom that ultimately takes this off the table, for now.

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Source: Inverse

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