Spider-Man: Homecoming Set Pics - Spidey Takes the Subway

Spider-Man Homecoming Tom Holland

After spending a good portion of the summer in Atlanta, the cast and crew of Spider-Man: Homecoming have made the trip to New York to finish out principal photography. By shooting scenes in the actual hometown of Peter Parker, the production will be able to better infuse the film with a distinctly New York atmosphere. The majority of set photos that have been released so far have focused on Parker's superhero duties, but the film will give Tom Holland plenty of time to act outside of the suit.

Holland is one of the few cast members known to be in New York currently and with filming now resumed, he was once again back on set. The one thing that Atlanta could not replicate is New York's subway system and that is exactly where Holland found himself filming scenes today.

Just Jared posted several new photos from the set that feature Holland riding the subway. Although there is not much to gather from the photos outside of Peter also being an avid Starbucks fan, he does appear in two different outfits. Given Peter's decision to be as normal as possible in light of his powers, taking the subway is about as normal as people can get in New York so seeing him use public transportation makes sense.


If the photos were not enough, abouttomholland, a fan account on Twitter, has compiled some new set videos of Parker suiting up in an ally, as well as some photos of him in Hello Kitty pajamas as he waits for his dry cleaning to finish.

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