Spider-Man's Tom Holland Performs His Favorite Homecoming Stunt

Tom Holland has fully embraced the role of Spider-Man, and you can see why he got the role as he performs his favorite stunt from Spider-Man: Homecoming. Thanks to his gymnastics background, Holland quickly appeared to be the perfect embodiment of Spider-Man. He's put his talents on display in a brief role in Captain America: Civil War, but fans also got to see just how talented he is when he did the lip sync battle against his co-star Zendaya.

From early on, Holland has made it an emphasis to do as much of his own work as he can. This includes doing his own stunts - something he didn't get to do that much of with Civil War - but he had the chance to do much more in his solo movie. The marketing has shown various stunts that the film will put on display, but a new behind-the-scenes video shows Holland performing his favorite one.

IGN was able to reveal this behind-the-scenes look straight from the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Based on the brief bit of actual footage attached to the front of the video, the stunt appears to come at some point in the third act and during one of Spidey's fights with the Vulture (Michael Keaton).

The video shows exactly why Holland has quickly found his way into the hearts of fans. Not only has he proven to be a great Peter Parker, but making the performance shine through the suit is just as important. Knowing that Holland is inside the suit for many of these stunts makes his portrayal of Spidey that much more believable. Plus, he has continued to prove he has the ability to pull off the physical requirements of the character, and him being unmasked in the stunt only further shows Holland's abilities.

Not only is Holland's ability physically a great showing of what he can be as Spider-Man, but his personality and the way he's handled this role shows how thankful he is to have this opportunity and why he is going the extra mile to make the most of it. He has gone on record saying he wants to play Spider-Man for several decades and he should get that chance if all things go according to plan. That would mean a continued renewal of the Sony/Marvel Studios deal, but if Homecoming is as big of a hit as it currently tracking to be, both sides should be eager to see this continue and give Holland many more chances to play the web-crawler.

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Source: IGN

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