Spider-Man: Homecoming Theater Standee Revealed By Tom Holland

Tom Holland Says Audiences Will Fall in Love with His Spider-Man

Tom Holland just revealed the new standee you'll see at theaters this summer ahead of Spider-Man: Homecoming. The 20-year-old British actor has a chance to be one of Marvel's breakout stars as the newest incarnation of Peter Parker/Spider-Man after he stole scenes in Captain America: Civil War, and he continues to occasionally share content from the making and promotion of Spider-Man: Homecoming ahead of its imminent July 7 release.

That promotion has really ramped up for Homecoming with its release date fast approaching. Spidey graces the cover of the Summer 2017 issue of Empire, and more and more details and images are starting to emerge. Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios understandably have big box office expectations for the film - and Holland just revealed the newest sign of Spidey that you'll see in theaters this summer.

Holland posted a photo to his Instagram page revealing a new cardboard theater standee to accompany Homecoming's release. The standee is a repackaging of one of the movie's first promotional posters, which shows Spider-Man relaxing on a bench with New York City in the background.

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This image, with the scale of the city contrasted with Spidey's obvious youth - this is the youngest Peter Parker yet - has been a big part of the marketing so far and is sure to only get more prominent as the July release approaches and TV spots begin emerging. Indeed, Sony and Marvel, who are partnering on the production to fit Homecoming into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have been slowly putting more focus on the character's school life than his Avenging in the early teasers.

Holland may be a 20-year-old portraying a high school-aged Peter, but the actor recently said that he wants to play the character for decades as he gets into his 30s. If Spider-Man: Homecoming is as acclaimed and successful as much of the MCU has been to this point, he will definitely have a chance to play Spider-Man for several more installments.

Of course, there's no guarantee that the newest reboot of the Spider-Man franchise will last nearly that long, let alone for a trilogy. There are plenty of reasons to potentially be worried about Spider-Man: Homecoming and the health of the franchise moving forward when you consider how it's involving two major studios. But if Holland can parlay his star-making turn in Civil War into a successful full-length feature, there's also reason to be optimistic that Sony and Marvel's partnership can bring Spider-Man to thrilling new heights.

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