Spider-Man: Homecoming Images - Peter Must Save Staten Island's Ferry

Peter Parker saves the ferry in Spider-Man Homecoming

Additional Spider-Man: Homecoming photos have arrived, further teasing the film's exciting Staten Island Ferry action sequence. The film arrives in just a few more months, following up Tom Holland's debut as the Wall Crawler from last year's Captain America: Civil War. In the movie, we'll get to see him face off against his first supervillain and navigate life as a high school student. Luckily, he'll have a little help in the form of Tony Stark and his upgraded suit, but even that will get taken away from him at some point. The good news is, Peter Parker is used to struggling, and he'll come through in a clutch even when all hope seems lost.

Thanks to the movie's imminent arrival and our recent set visit, we've been learning a lot of little things about the project, how it will reintroduce audiences to Spider-Man, and what the film's future will mean for the MCU moving forward. And while future movies could see Spidey going up against Venom or Kraven, the latest trailer for Homecoming proved that Pete has plenty of chaos to contend with as things stand already. One of the key action pieces from the film is Spidey's attempt to hold together a ferry being split in half. Not only is it a show of his super-strength, but it's reminiscent of Steve Rogers holding onto the helicopter in Civil War and Tobey Maguire's train sequence from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2.

Now, thanks to a new still from the movie courtesy of Yahoo, we've got a new shot of Spidey leaping into action on the ferry. And CBR have also unearthed two new promotional images of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Check them all out in the gallery below:

[vn_gallery name="Spider-Man: Homecoming Ferry Rescue & Promo Images" id="938068"]

The two promo images don't offer any new info, but they look to be scans from a magazine. Hopefully, that means a new spread on the movie will be forthcoming. While many fans won't want too much of the film spoiled ahead of seeing it, the comings months will bring with them plenty of TV spots, clips, images, and plot details for those eager for every detail involving the new movie. Meanwhile, many MCU fans are anxious to see how Homecoming affects other properties moving forward.

We know the film will see the official introduction of Damage Control in the MCU, an organization that's bound to keep popping up in the movies and hopefully on TV. We also learned from Homecoming producer Eric Carroll that he wants future films to reference New York's other street-level heroesThe Defenders. While fans have been anxious for the movies and TV shows to connect more, we could see it finally happen if a higher up like Carroll wants it to happen. While we await any new information on that front, we'll bring you all things Spider-Man: Homecoming as they emerge.

Source: Yahoo and CBR

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