Spider-Man: Homecoming Tops Social Media Buzz Following Final Trailer

Spider-Man Homecoming - International poster excerpt

Spider-Man: Homecoming may not hit theaters for another month, but thanks to a final trailer and some brand new footage, it's managed to really get people talking this past week. The final trailer for the film was released recently, and it put the focus on the Vulture (Michael Keaton). It was followed up by a few different TV spots and some sneak peeks at the film, and along with a new poster, it's not too surprising that this Spider-Man marketing blitz has made an impact on social media.

The new trailer (and other reveals from the week) managed to push the movie to the number one spot for social media buzz last week. This pushed it back ahead of The Emoji Movie, which managed to outpace the upcoming MCU film during recently, as well as Baywatch, Wonder Woman, and Pirates of the Caribbean 5, which also created more buzz than Homecoming that week.

The figures for last week's social media buzz come from ComScore (via Variety), and track the number of new conversations generated by the film. Last week, Spider-Man: Homecoming generated a total of nearly 175,000 new conversations, pulling it well ahead of other blockbusters tracked by the service. This is also a huge jump for the film, which generated just over 26,000 new conversations the previous week. This brings the cumulative figure for the film up to 1.87 million conversations.

In comparison, the week before, The Emoji Movie generated around 38,500 new conversations, and Baywatch (which was the most-talked about film of the week) generated 58,524. For the week of May 22, Wonder Woman (in theaters this weekend) generated 100,000 new conversations, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi came in at 120,000, just missing that top spot.

It's very common to see a spike in social media buzz when a blockbuster film is at the peak of its marketing campaign, as Spider-Man: Homecoming is at the moment. As well as being the MCU's big summer movie, Homecoming is also Tom Holland's first solo outing as the web-slinger, which is sure to be driving a lot of talk. However, not all the buzz around the film has been positive -- a lot of the talk around the latest poster was criticism, rather than acclaim, but the ComScore data does not differentiate between positive and negative conversations. That said, it's still a reasonable measurement of interest in the film, and certainly points toward another big success for the superhero genre.

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Source: Variety

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