Spider-Man Is Unmasked In New Sideshow Figure

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Spider-Man Homecoming

Sideshow and Hot Toys just released its newest Spider-Man: Homecoming collectible, teasing an unmasked Peter Parker. Sideshow is well-known for its incredibly detailed renderings of famous characters, down to the facial likenesses and meticulously accurate costumes. Hot Toys has created a large number of intricately designed figures based on Marvel characters from the immensely popular Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Spider-Man is no exception.

A new Spider-Man Hot Toys figure was unveiled back in March, revealing Homecoming's version of Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in his homemade suit. That figure will be available for collectors and fans in October. There will be a bit of a longer wait for collectors to get their hands on Spider-Man in his new high-tech suit designed by Stark Industries, but Sideshow and Hot Toys has given the first look at it.

Sideshow and Hot Toys has officially revealed their new sixth-scale Spider-Man figure, showcasing all of its impressive features and details. You can check the figure out in the gallery below. The figure is designed to be as accurate as possible to the way Peter Parker and Spider-Man appear in Homecoming, including a new interchangeable head sculpt with Holland's likeness that is blurred out in the photos. The costume is designed just like Spider-Man's new high-tech suit from Homecoming and comes with a pair of detachable magnetic web wings.

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The figure also comes with five pairs of interchangeable hand pieces and four sets of eye pieces that can make a variety of facial expressions. Accessories include a Spider-Man mask that the figure can hold but not wear, an open spider web effect, five strings of web that are attachable to his web-shooters, and two Spider signal stickers. In keeping with the identity of Peter Parker as a high school kid, the figure also comes with a backpack, science textbook, and pair of headphones.

The new Spider-Man sixth-scale figure is estimated to become available in July-Sept. 2018. It will likely be as popular as any Marvel character recreated via Hot Toys figures. The details in the suit and accessories is no doubt hugely impressive and would make a fine addition on the shelf of any collector of Spider-Man items.

Collectors may be disappointed to see that Sideshow/Hot Toys won't reveal Peter Parker's face just yet. Sony will also have to hope that Spider-Man: Homecoming lives up to the hype enough that the figure will still be in demand when it becomes available a year after the movie's release. It may have made it easier for collectors to pre-order the figure if they could see how accurate Holland's likeness really is. But that's not likely to hold back collectors who were already planning on making this new figure part of their collection.

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Source: Sideshow

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