Clear Look At Spider-Man: Homecoming's Shocker With New Toy

A photo of the action figure for Spider-Man: Homecoming villain Shocker has leaked online. Bokeem Woodbine (Fargo) will portray the villain, a career criminal formerly known as Herman Schultz who can cause heavy damage with his powerful vibro-shock gauntlets. Shocker joins Tinkerer, portrayed by Michael Chernus, as the main henchmen of Michael Keaton's Vulture as the group battles Spider-Man (Tom Holland) in Homecoming.

Though there have been plenty of official shots of Keaton as Vulture in the trailers, there hasn't been a whole lot of Shocker seen in the public eye. But it appears that Hasbro is indeed going to release an action figure of the villain as part of its Spider-Man: Homecoming collection. The first look at the Shocker figure has surfaced, giving us the clearest look at the villain yet.

As reported by Marvel Toy News, a photo of Hasbro's new Shocker 6-inch action figure has leaked online. It's the best look at the villain yet, including his formidable-looking vibro-shock gauntlets. The yellow part of the suit is a fairly accurate and modernized take on the character from the comics.

See Spider-Man: Homecoming Shocker Toy Images Here

While this new toy for Shocker differs from how the character looks in other merchandise, with the film's LEGO sets like the trailers showing Woodbine's head unmasked, it does appear to be accurate. Set photos from September 2016 revealed what turned out to be the first look at Shocker with a menacing mask, something that was backed up by promo photos of him fighting Spidey.

The figure comes in at 6-inches and with limited articulation is aimed at younger fans, although based on the set photos seems pretty accurate to the film all the same. Of course, collectors may feel a bit disappointed if this turns out to be the only Shocker action figure released; most would be more excited to see a figure released on the more detailed, articulated Marvel Legends product line. It's not been announced when this Shocker figure will be available, but with Homecoming due out on July 7, fans and collectors can expect it out very soon.

Quite how prominent Shocker will be in the film is currently unknown, with his limited trailer-time meaning he'll not be around for long. Regardless, these shots of the Shocker figure gives the clearest look at the Spider-Man: Homecoming villain yet.

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Source: Marvel Toy News

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Clear Look At Spider-Man: Homecoming's Shocker With New Toy