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Sony is less than six months away from launching a new Spider-Man movie featuring a different actor as Peter Parker. Where there are several differences between Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spidey solo films past, the biggest difference is the fact that Homecoming is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As such, Robert Downey Jr. will be appearing as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the film - and though fans are hoping that Tony's role in Homecoming isn't too large, Tom Holland's less-experience Peter Parker will undoubtedly benefit from having a little help.

Holland's Spider-Man will primarily facing off against Vulture (Michael Keaton) during Homecoming, though the latter won't be the only villain in the film. Avengers masks-wearing robbers aside, The Tinkerer should also factor into the plot of Homecoming, as will his and Vulture's fellow super-criminal, The Shocker. The Homecoming trailers have featured glimpses of Shocker (as have leaked set photos from last year), but the latest piece of Homecoming promo artwork offers the best look at the supervillain yet.

Instagram user Eric Cameron was present at Hasbro's toy fair this weekend and took photos of multiple figures on display. Amidst the toys, the convention included Homecoming artwork showing Spidey battling The Shocker, with the latter wearing a fairly comic book-accurate costume (see below). It looks like the character will thus get an upgrade from the brown cargo-like vest and yellow undershirt he's been seen wearing in Homecoming trailers and set photos past.

3/4: New York Toy Fair 2017 was a blast! Thanks to @firstordertransmissions and @makingstarwars, I was lucky enough to attend @Hasbro's off-site event today, and was blown away! This is Hasbro's best year for Toy Fair by far, and all of the Hasbro staff members were a class act! They held an amazing theater presentation talking about everything that they have in store for the next few months. We got sneak peeks at all sorts of toys including new 40th Anniversary Star Wars figures, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 figures, and of course, Spider-Man Homecoming figures! Once I got to the show floor, my jaw literally dropped to the floor when I saw how amazing all of these figures look, especially @TomHolland2013's 6" Marvel Legends Spidey figure with Peter's head. It looks exactly like Tom! When the event was over, Hasbro was kind enough to send everyone home with a gift bag with some toys including Star Wars Black Series Figures and Marvel Legends figures! I was fortunate enough to receive a Black Series Baze Malbus, and a new Marvel Legends Green Goblin! They look absolutely spectacular! Hasbro has really stepped up their game over the past few years, and I am so grateful to @firstordertransmissions and @makingstarwars for giving me the opportunity to attend this year! Thanks again Hasbro for making this an incredible Toy Fair! I can't wait to get my hands on all of the Star Wars 40th Anniversary figures, the Guardians Volume 2 figures, The Last Jedi figures, and of course, the Spider-Man Homecoming figures! #HasbroToyFair #NYTF2017 #GotGVol2 #SpiderManHomecoming

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Unfortunately, the image is part of a collage which makes it more difficult to zero in on The Shocker alone. Still, there is much more detail in this version of Shocker's costume. Given its more sophisticated design, this suit could be one built by The Tinkerer and given to Shocker, at a certain point in Homecoming. Comic fans will also be pleased by the red pieces to his vest, allowing him to bear a closer resemblance to the deep V design of his costume on the Marvel comic book page.

There is some question as to which Homecoming cast members is actually playing the version of The Shocker depicted in this artwork. Logan Marshall-Green's character can be seen wearing a suit very similar to The Shocker's in the aforementioned set photos, yet Bokeem Woodbine is reported to be playing (the second?) Shocker in the film. Neither actor has been prominently featured in the film's marketing so far, so that is one Homecoming mystery that remains unsolved for now.

Once the marketing campaign kicks into full gear on Homecoming, more looks at Shocker should not be hard to come by. Additional footage should likewise begin to make it clear whether or not this piece of art is an actual version of suit from the film, as well as which actor is wearing it.

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