The Spider-Man: Homecoming Scene Marisa Tomei Wishes Hadn't Been Cut

Marisa Tomei Spider-Man Aunt May

Spider-Man: Homecoming star Marisa Tomei is lamenting over a scene she wishes would have made the final cut in the film. Tomei, of course, plays the pivotal role of Aunt May in Spider-Man's first solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, following a brief, but memorable debut opposite Tom Holland's Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War,.

Given Tomei's younger age than previous Aunt May actresses Rosemary Harris from the original Spider-Man trilogy and Sally Field in The Amazing Spider-Man films, director Jon Watts apparently decided to put the sprier version of the character in some more physically challenging situations for Spider-Man: Homecoming, including a big scene that was apparently filmed but landed on the cutting room floor.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Tomei described the scene and how it fit within the context of the film. She says:

“There was something going on in the neighborhood, and there was a little girl in distress, and I saved her, and Peter saw me save her, so you kind of saw that he got part of his ethics from her ... Then I come home, and I don’t even tell him that that’s what happened, and, of course, there’s all this stuff that he’s not telling me. So he’s like, ‘How was your day?’ And I’m like, ‘It was fine,’ but really I was shaking inside because of this whole crisis that had happened in the city. I’m kind of fibbing to him, and he’s fibbing to me, and we’re living in this house together, and it was a very interesting setup. I was quite disappointed that wasn’t in there.”

While Aunt May's scenes added up to a very solid supporting turn in Spider-Man: Homecoming, it's easy to see by her description of the excised scene why Tomei is dejected that it didn't make the movie.

After all, Aunt May's suspicion that Peter's life is not all that it seems has always added a nice air of mystery to the Spider-Man films, and obviously a heroic scene that puts the shoe on the other foot is a welcome spin on the traditional narrative of the two characters. Plus, since they are family, if the scene in any way demonstrates a hint of where Peter got his propensity to do good from, it adds even more depth to his character: a plus not only for a superhero movie character, but any movie character.

With the film's blockbuster success over the weekend, Spider-Man, of course, will be back for a sequel, and thanks to Aunt May's big scene at the conclusion of Spider-Man: Homecoming (where she delivers one of if not the funniest line in the entire movie), there's no question Tomei will be back. How significant her role will be in the sequel is yet to be seen, but since Watts opened a huge door for Aunt May, clearly the character is set up to go places she's never been before. Maybe Tomei didn't get to see all the work she wanted make the final cut this time around, but the future for Aunt May looks incredibly promising.

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Source: Huffington Post

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