Spider-Man: Homecoming Ties Franchise-High Rotten Tomatoes Score

Spider-Man: Homecoming's acclaim has now placed it in the highest echelons of live-action superhero movies when it comes to critical reception aggregated by Rotten Tomatoes. After opening to huge numbers in previews last nightHomecoming is all set to have a massive global opening over the weekend. While part of that is due to the universal appeal of Spider-Man the character and Marvel the brand, the overwhelmingly positive response the film received has certainly helped.

No one aspect of the film is likely responsible for winning over critics and audiences. By skipping much of the plot setup and Spidey's origin, Homecoming is able to spend more time on narrative and character development. Not only does that mean more small moments with the cast, but it also allows Michael Keaton to give the MCU one of their best and most fleshed-out villains to date. On top of the that, the action and humor help keep the movie exciting from start to finish. Just a few days ago, Homecoming was certified fresh - now, it's climbed even higher.

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Rotten Tomatoes now has Spider-Man: Homecoming up to 94 percent amongst critics, tying it for first place when it comes to the highest rated live-action superhero movies of all time.

Currently, with a 94% on the #Tomatometer ?, #SpiderManHomecoming is tied for the highest score ever for a live action superhero film! ?️

— Rotten Tomatoes (@RottenTomatoes) July 7, 2017

Thanks to the film's positive reception, it now sits alongside The Dark KnightIron Man, and Spider-Man 2. As all three of those films are widely considered the best in superhero cinema, that puts Homecoming in some prestigious company. It also gives the MCU a new high-water mark after nearly a decade.

As for the 'live-action' caveat, that's thanks to Brad Bird's The Incredibles. The Pixar film may have been released in 2004, but enjoys a vaulted 97 percent on the review aggregator. The Incredibles maintains a Rotten Tomatoes score that will be hard to beat as non-Pixar superhero films usually face considerable scrutiny from critics - though it will be interesting to see where The Incredibles 2 falls.

Of course, these numbers aren't final. The score for Homecoming has fluctuated over the past week as more reviews pour in, so things could change for better or worse. Still, the news is surely cause for celebration from the Marvel camp, whose streak of successes seems unlikely to end anytime soon. As for that superhero fatigue we're always hearing about, Spider-Man: Homecoming's reception is yet another nail in that coffin.

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Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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