Spider-Man: Homecoming Reminds Robert Downey Jr. of First Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. has said that working on Spider-Man: Homecoming was like working on the first Iron Man movie. The MCU star will be a big part of Spidey's (Tom Holland) first solo feature for Marvel, as Peter Parker returns to high school and home life after his adventures with the Avengers. It's the fans' first chance to see this latest incarnation of the web-slinger as he deals with his own villain... and some more prosaic problems, too.

Iron Man himself is going to be playing the role of Spidey's somewhat reluctant mentor, helping him (and Marisa Tomei's Aunt May), but also trying to deal with his young protege's desire to become a full-fledged Avenger himself. In the trailers, Tony Stark is seen arguing with Peter as well, and challenging him to become a better hero. Now, Robert Downey Jr. has talked a little more about the experience of filming another origin story, and it sounds like he's loving it.

In a special behind the scenes clip, the actor talks about how it felt to be working on this kind of film again (and Tom Holland chimes in to reveal how excited his co-star was on set).

"Being back with Tom Holland and Jon Favreau, it's just crazy. And it reminded me of that kind of first Iron Man experience. It's a straightforward Spider-Man movie. There's always opportunities for heavy-hitters dropping in to kind of support him."

Iron Man was, of course, the film that first launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Released in 2008, it was the original origin story for the studio, and set the tone and magic formula that has been used again and again over the past decade. While Iron Man has since gone on to work with the Avengers and get into more and more complicated ensemble storylines, Spider-Man: Homecoming returns to the original recipe with a focus on a single, new, hero. Of course, Homecoming won't be a pure origin story in the way that Iron Man was, as Spidey already has his powers and his suit, and the audience has already met him, but it's still a similar style of film.

This is a fantastic comparison for Iron Man fans, and Marvel fans who preferred some of the franchise's earlier, simpler films to the complex team ups that have grown from the original solo flicks. Iron Man was a phenomenal solo super-movie, and with high hopes for Homecoming, it's reassuring to hear that the film will likely live up to its hype.

Of course, RDJ may simply be referring to the style of film being made, and the similarities between the first Iron Man movie and Homecoming in terms of focus and setting -- and having a single, clear bad guy to beat down. Still, it's sure to get fans even more excited to see Iron Man and Spider-Man teaming up this summer.

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Source: The Disney Channel

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