Spider-Man: Homecoming Images Showcase Refined CGI

Spider-Man Homecoming - Ferry scene

Superhero movies rely increasingly on the use of extensive computer generated images. In some cases the task of creating life-like renderings of everyone's favorite comic book characters means that animators and digital artists are still hard at work even as the film's marketing has kicked into high gear. That's certainly the case with Spider-Man: Homecoming, as was recently revealed with a new image that revealed the digitally rendered wall crawler and his environment have undergone significant refinement since the first trailer was released.

The refined image demonstrates just how much work goes into developing movies from Marvel, Warner Bros. and so on, and just how close to the film's release date the film's special effects are tweaked and added to until they look just right. In the case of Spider-Man: Homecoming, the new image from the trailer goes to show just how much more work there was to be done on the final project – even on scenes deemed appropriate for the trailer that was released not too long ago. And looking at the two side by side, it's surprising to see what a difference there is between the two versions.

The image first appeared on Yahoo! Movies, but @Crazyac3Gamer later offered the before-and-after comparison on Twitter. The first image looks nice; it's bright and colorful, if not a little hazy, which, considering the circumstances of the scene, is understandable. But the later image is striking in comparison, as it adds a whole new level of detail and also vastly enhanced contrast on not only Spider-Man but also the elements the background.

@DaveePena There Is a little more to the Image. Looks like they are refining the CG.

— Kieran Jones (@Crazyac3Gamer) April 30, 2017

The scene in question is the ferry sequence that is arguably the highlight of the first trailer. The moment sees Tom Holland's Spider-Man using his webbing to string a bifurcated ferry together, and then, using the proportionate strength of a spider, hold the boat from falling apart completely. Though the trailer doesn't exactly keep the fate of the vessel or its inhabitants a secret – it is, according to the preview, the turning point that causes Tony Stark to revoke Peter's fancy new suit privileges, effectively kicking the webhead down a notch and relegating him back to his homemade duds that are, admittedly, less stylish and probably a lot less stain resistant.

And now, with the new, more detailed CGI in play, Spidey's soon to be former duds look even better. There's considerably more definition on the webbing against the red part of the suit, as well as the black accents on the blue portions. Even his high-tech web shooters look a little more detailed. The end result, then, is an altogether sharper product that fans can expect when the film finally opens this summer. The suit looks so sharp, it'll be even more difficult for Peter to let it go.

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Source: Yahoo! Movies, Kieran Jones

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