Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster Spotted; Trailer May Screen on Friday

Spider-Man Homecoming

The Marvel Cinematic Universe just continues to grow, with 2017 seeing the studio up their number of releases to a whopping three a year: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok. While that's great for comic book fans (remember that DC and Fox are also doing their own movies), it poses a bit of an issue for Marvel's marketing department - with so many movies, there's inevitably going to be an overlap of promotion, meaning everything needs to play out at the right time to avoid the films distracting hype from each other.

We got our first look at Guardians 2 (set for May) in October, so by that logic, we're just about due something on the second film of the year, the long-awaited MCU Spider-Man solo movie (especially as filming wrapped a few months ago). We've already had hints at the marketing beginning thanks to several posters that are popping up, but it looks like a proper look may be coming soon.

Tom Holland Fans. on Twitter have shared a photo of a massive poster being put up, a preview of a proper unveiling at the Brazillian event Comic Con Experience. It's just part of the banner, but it looks like the first officially released teaser poster for the film will focus simply on Spidey's emblem, which is much squatter than what we've seen in previous film adaptations, with shorter legs and a general aesthetic more in keeping with the original comics.

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