Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster Pays Homage to Classic Comic Book Cover

To celebrate the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming into over 4,000 theaters across the United States this weekend, the latest Spidey solo film has paid tribute to the character's beginning - with a new poster in the style of his 1960s comic-book debut.

While not one of the oldest superheroes like the 1930s-created Superman and Batman, Spider-Man has been swinging into the hearts of young comic-book fans since his introduction in Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962. The artwork for that comic is one of the more famous retro looks at the character, as he swings across the city with a black rope of some sorts in hand and an individual nestled in the other. It's a majestic image that really sells the amazing appeal of the character, something that all forms of media have been replicating for decades.

With a new Spider-Man film in theaters in Homecoming and a new actor in the role of Peter Parker in young Tom Holland, Homecoming has gotten a poster that looks awfully familiar to that iconic 1962 cover. Courtesy of Nerdist, the poster shows Spidey in full swing, striking the same majestic and heroic pose that he does on the original comic book cover. He's currently in the midst of crime-fighting, thwarting the ATM robbery attempt by the faux-Iron Man from the poorly masked Avengers criminals featured in much of the marketing for the film.

It's surprising that this poster comes so late in the marketing game for the film, as this is the kind of homage that could have given the film extra goodwill and buzz going into the release. Fans of popular characters love when the creators of the newest versions of their beloved superhero pay tribute to the history of the character, and this Homecoming look could've helped quelled any leftover fears that the crew behind the film wouldn't respect the core of Peter Parker. It certainly is a more striking and memorable image than the clutter and unnecessary character fill of the not-no-beloved main Homecoming poster.

Homecoming certainly understands the Peter Parker/Spider-Man character better than any film since Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2, with Holland giving a dynamite lead performance that thrillingly and accurately shows an adaptation of the character with all of his best and worst qualities from the comics. The everyman, eager teenager side of Parker shines through, the core of what makes him such an appealing protagonist for all audiences.

You can decide for yourself if Spider-Man: Homecoming lives up to the best of the old school Peter Parker character as the film opens up this weekend, with it already off and running at the box office and poised for a massive opening.

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Source: Nerdist 

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