Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster the Result of a Napping Tom Holland

A new report reveals that one of the best promotional posters for Spider-Man: Homecoming happened because Tom Holland took an actual nap.

Tom Holland had no idea that a quick nap would result in one of Spider-Man: Homecoming's best posters. The movie utilized a wide variety of materials for its massive promo campaign, which set records for both Sony and the Spider-Man franchise. There was no shortage of promotional posters to come out for the movie, even including some retro tributes.

Homecoming was as much a coming-of-age tale as a fast-paced, funny action blockbuster, and it's anchored by Holland's starring performance as a more youthful, lively take on Peter Parker and Spider-Man. No piece of promo material embodied the "new" Peter Parker more than the movie's distinctive poster featuring Spider-Man relaxing on a bench near the water. It turns out that the Spidey you see in that poster is Holland taking an actual nap.

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As reported via io9 on Sunday, a recent video posted by Instagram user TheRealSpideyMan shows Holland talking about the origin of the poster in a recent interview. You can watch the clip below. Here's how he told the story of his real on-set nap that turned into the movie's most memorable poster:

This actually seems like such a tom thing to happen that I was surprised for a second and then remembered who it happened to ?❤️ qotp: favorite avengers movie? (1st or second one) [give credit if you repost]

A post shared by ⠀⠀tom holland (@therealspideyman) on

"Interesting story about that poster is that is actually me asleep. That’s not part of the movie, that’s me in-between takes asleep. We were shooting this scene and I was just really tired that day, and I was just asleep on the floor, and the photographer took a picture. So when they made that the poster, I was like ‘What! What the hell, guys!’"

Holland reportedly told the story as part of a press tour ahead of Homecoming's international release. The poster stood out among all the others released for the movie due to Spider-Man's relaxed state. It's a far cry from the posters depicting Spidey slinging through the air, clinging to highway signs, or overlooking New York City. The poster even got a parody version featuring Deadpool thanks to artist BossLogic.

The poster caught the eyes of fans instantly and served as the biggest sign of all that Homecoming was going to be a different kind of Spider-Man movie from its predecessors. Holland's lighthearted personality was a bit of a departure from the more serious nature of prior Spider-Man incarnations, and it resulted in one of the funniest and breeziest MCU movies to date.

Even if the lighter take on Spider-Man turned off some viewers, Spider-Man: Homecoming was nonetheless another huge box office success for the franchise and for Sony. It's only fitting that the most relaxed of all the Spider-Man movies released a relaxed promo poster, and the fact that it was born from an actual on-set nap makes it that much better.

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Source: TheRealSpideyMan (via io9)

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