Spider-Man: Homecoming Posters - It's Not Easy Being Peter [UPDATED]

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Marvel Studios brought Spider-Man back into the fold after years of trying in 2014, once Sony was finally willing to make a deal. While Sony apparently has its own plans for the rest of the Spidey characters that they own the rights to, Tom Holland is firmly placed in the leading role as Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His debut in Captain America: Civil War instantly won fans over who were nervous about the partnership, and has since made Spider-Man: Homecoming a much anticipated project.

The movie is just a few months away from hitting theaters and will be the second of three MCU movies to hit theaters this year. One of the big focuses of the first Homecoming trailer was Peter's struggles to balance life as a superhero, while maintaining his "normal" life. This is once again the focus for the character as he puts homework on hold for the newest poster.

Sony released the new poster that features Peter in his full superhero get up, but still wearing his school blazer as well. He is taking some time to relax between fighting crime and doing homework, and to make it clear this movie is within the MCU, Avengers Tower is prominently featured in the New York skyline. All in all, its a great poster that isn't a photoshop mashup that has become the standard for big movies like this.

UPDATE 1: Another Spider-Man: Homecoming poster has now been released online, as you can see below:

Now that more posters for Homecoming have been released, it should not be long before a second trailer debuts. Sony could decide to drop it as soon as later today, or could wait a few weeks until they have a presence at a variety of different cons and make a bigger splash. Regardless of when exactly they decide to debut to the new trailer, it will certainly arrive in the next month so it is available to be shown before Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Sony proper does not have another movie coming out until Smurfs: The Lost Village on April 7th. Since the trailer did not debut with Life - a movie that some theorized would be a Venom prequelSmurfs could be a great landing spot for the trailer. Not only is it exactly three months out from Homecoming's release, but also would target the kid demographic that could bolster the box office returns. As the marketing machine picks up for Homecoming, hopefully they can be just as creative and different with future pieces as they were with these posters.

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