Spider-Man: Homecoming – Peter's Goal Is To Become An Avenger

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the third big screen version of Spider-Man, but one of the major differences between Tom Holland's version and the rest is Peter's ultimate goal of becoming an Avenger. Unlike the Tobey Maguire-led trilogy or the last two Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man films, Holland has the unique - and long-awaited - advantage of being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He's already debuted to bountiful praise in Captain America: Civil War, and is soon going to see Spider-Man: Homecoming launch his own franchise.

One of the biggest differences between Holland's portrayal and those that came before is his age. The Marvel and Sony collaborated vision is hoping to keep Peter in high school for some time, but his experience in Civil War and future adventures are sure to bring him face to face with some of the universe's biggest heroes - which is why he wants his place alongside them, permanently.

Holland spoke to Yahoo Movies during a Facebook Live conversation and was asked about the differences between the previous versions and his newest take. Outside of the age differences, Holland pointed to Peter's goals as a major difference. With him now being part of the MCU, Holland says his Peter wants to be an Avenger more than anything else.

I think the difference now is that Peter Parker finally has an all-time goal, and his goal is to become an Avenger. Everything he does, even though he's doing it for the right reasons, is done so that one day he can become an Avenger and prove himself to Tony Stark. And I think we've never really seen Spider-Man with that kind of motivation before.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War

While none of the previous versions of Spider-Man have had the luxury that Holland has, it makes complete sense that this is what Peter strives for as a hero. Homecoming is heavily connected to the larger universe with Vulture's suit coming from The Avengers weapons, but Peter also has grown up in this world where heroes are becoming more and more prevalent, while the threats get larger. He looks up to the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, and others, and after battling with and against them, it makes perfect sense for him to want to be a fellow Avenger. In fact, we've seen brief moments of this desire in the marketing.

Spider-Man may not be an Avenger by the time Homecoming comes to a close, but with him appearing in Avengers: Infinity War and Untitled Avengers, he'll be an honorary member at the very least. Whether or not he can rise the ranks and be a leading member could depend on his future within the universe. With this goal in mind, this could very well be part of Holland's hopes for the character - the same ones that would see him stick around for another two decades. If that hope becomes a reality, it would be incredibly odd for Spider-Man to never be a full-time Avenger. But for now, we can only wait and see if this goal is achieved.

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Source: Yahoo Movies

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