Spider-Man: Homecoming Peter Parker Action Figure Arrives

Tom Holland in Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming is not just a reboot of the iconic superhero movie franchise; it’s also a reboot in terms of merchandise. With 20-year-old Tom Holland playing Peter Parker/Spider-Man - and the movie focusing more on the high school life than Spidey’s previous cinematic installments - the new Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Spider-Man figures to have its own unique aesthetic. The new look for the hero and his adversaries should certainly show up in toy aisles when new merchandise comes out.

Spider-Man’s updated look and the arrival of Vulture (Michael Keaton) has already manifested in the newly-revealed Hasbro toy line for Spider-Man: Homecoming. They featured both the hero and villain and plenty of gadgets and vehicles. Whereas those products focus mainly on Spider-Man in his full suit (complete with the mask), a new Spider-Man action figure can be unmasked to reveal Parker’s likeness.

As announced on the Japanese Medicom Toy website, the new action figure is a “MAFEX” version of Spider-Man that can be posed in a wide variety of ways and includes multiple different interchangeable hand and wrist parts. Spider-Man’s head is also interchangeable, as you could have the Spidey mask or Peter Parker’s head with Holland’s likeness. A loose translation describes a “movable figure stand” included with the figure.

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Medicom has previously produced MAFEX toys for The Amazing Spider-Man, as well as other iconic franchises such as Batman, Superman, Iron Man, and Star Wars. Most MAFEX figures are pricier than other action figures, often landing in the $50-70 range. Some MAFEX items, such as a Batman figure from The Dark Knight Rises, are exceptionally rare, fetching prices as high as $383.83 on Amazon.

The Medicom website lists the retail price for the new Spider-Man: Homecoming figure at 6,800 yen, or about $60.33. Holland has already gained a lot of buzz for his appearance as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, which can only help him leading into the release of Homecoming. The new Medicom toy will only increase the BAFTA-nominated actor’s profile once his likeness is found in toy stores all around the world.

It should come as no surprise that a new Spider-Man movie would bring plenty of fresh merchandise opportunities for Marvel Entertainment and their deep catalog of high-concept superhero adventures. There’s no guarantee that Spider-Man: Homecoming will approach the level of quality of previous Spider-Man movies. But if the film is anywhere near as good as other recent installments in the MCU, this bodes well for Spider-Man: Homecoming's ability to move plenty of products off toy store shelves.

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Source: Medicom

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