Spider-Man: Homecoming Featurette Details Peter's Suit

A new featurette for Spider-Man: Homecoming has hit online highlighting some of the cool features of Peter Parker's upgraded suit. The new technology, of course, is brought by Parker's new Avengers pal, Tony Stark, and have concepts similar to that of his own metal armor.

The film picks up from the events of Captain: America Civil War with Stark letting Peter keep the suit that he built for the young budding superhero. Before the events of that film, Peter had been operating as Spider-Man for a good few months, during which time was using his own homemade creation complete with goggles that Stark even made fun of. And while we already had a sample of what the upgraded suit offered in Civil War, it's in Homecoming we really see what it can do.

Sony has released a special featurette that focuses on his new garb and all its high-tech features. Similar to that of the Iron Man armor, it has an AI assistant reminiscent of JARVIS.. It also showcases the various webbing combinations that Peter can use depending on the situation that he is in, as well as the spider drone similar to Falcon's Red Wing.

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In the clip, Downey Jr. talks a bit about the context of Stark's relationship with Peter that prompts him to actually let him have the suit after their "retreat" in Germany, saying "Stark is helping him up his game with this suit and the tech".

Admittedly, the clip doesn't reveal much that's significantly new, but it is interesting to see Peter's various reactions every time he realizes what his new suit can do. The featurette really highlights the character building the suit will enable, further intensifying Peter's eagerness to get into the big league and prove to Stark that he is ready to take on more serious missions.

While there is no denying that the Stark technology-infused Spidey suit appears to be all sorts of cool, there are some who are unhappy with the additional bells and whistles of it. A huge part of the Spider-Man's appeal is that he makes his own costume himself, more like Wade Wilson in Deadpool and it is supposed to be as DIY-feeling as possible. However, based on what we know of Homecoming's story, the upgraded suit will play a huge role in Peter's character arc, with him eventually having to revert back to his old, ratty costume to fight the Vulture (Michael Keaton).

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Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment UK

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