Spider-Man: Homecoming: New Look At Stark Suit in Behind-The-Scenes Image


A new look at Spider-Man's updated suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming is circulating online. Peter Parker (Tom Holland) gets the new suit from a source not seen in previous Spider-Man films: Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). The character is set to play a major role in Homecoming, Spider-Man's solo debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; as seen in Captain America: Civil War, Stark designs Parker's high-tech new Spider-Man suit and also acts as something of a father figure to Parker as he mentors the title character.

Aside from offering up new gadgets - such as a built-in AI that communicates with Spider-Man in a similar fashion to Iron Man's J.A.R.V.I.S. - the suit plays a key part in the plot, with Stark eventually taking it back and forcing Peter back into his homemade costume.

The high-tech suit has popped up in a new behind-the-scenes photo revealing Spider-Man in costume, pre-CGI (via CBM). It shows a shot of Spider-Man through the lens of a camera, presumably between takes. It's unknown where the photo originated or who shared it in the first place, but seems likely to come from Homecoming based on the background.

The second trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming emphasized the presence of multiple new Spidey suits and a whole new way of suiting up. Director Jon Watts said in a recent interview that Stark's relationship with Parker is expected to show a side of the character not yet seen in the MCU, and Stark's upgraded Spidey suit will certainly play a role in that.


Spider-Man: Homecoming is showing a lot of promise as a fresh cinematic take on Peter Parker, with a coming-of-age narrative amid the teenager's ascension to the hero's iconic stature. Of course, the presence of Stark and Spider-Man's part in the MCU is the big difference between this and the previous iterations, with it even bleeding over into how villain Vulture operates. This is overall a positive move; with Homecoming being the second time Spider-Man has been rebooted since the 2002 original, some freshness is certainly needed.

It remains to be seen how receptive moviegoers will be to a Spidey suit that contains elements like heaters and surveillance technology, although its Civil War reaction was rather positive. Watts definitely took some risks in depicting a different kind of Spider-Man from prior cinematic incarnations, but at least Spider-Man: Homecoming won't be a mere retread.


Source: CBM

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