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With Marvel's Spider-Man: Homecoming less than a month away from release, Good Smile Company has given the first look first look at their Nendoroid figure of Tom Holland's version of the web-slinger. Homecoming is set to be a massive hit, but the shared Marvel/Sony project is more than just a box office machine.

One of the biggest sources of income for big-budget blockbusters is the merchandising and toys that come with the release of the film. This is especially true of comic-book films, which typically boast a wide range of action figures and collectibles. And, as popular of a character Spider-Man is, the toys for Homecoming are certainly no exception.

The newest piece of merchandising for the film comes from Japanese manufacturer Good Smile Company's Nendoroid line of figures, a line that has produced 500 different products. Nendoroids are pristine and unique miniature figurines with anime-like qualities that are meant to display in offices or on shelves. They come with different pieces and swappable body parts for each figure so the collector can take on different looks, plus a stand to prop them up.

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The minuscule Spidey stands approximately 4 inches tall, with an oversized head in the anime and manga style of "chibi" and gives us a good look at the Stark-made costume that the character will wear in his upcoming solo film. The product comes with three separate emotional expressions for the mask so Spider-Man can look annoyed, surprised and heroic. If one wants, there's also an option to take the mask headpiece off and replace it with Peter Parker's head. There are also different interchangeable pieces in the arms and torso to mix and match different poses for Spider-Man to strike. In addition, the figure comes with custom touches like different kinds of webbing and the webbed wings that will be added to the costume in Homecoming. 

The Nendoroid will not go on sale until November of this year, and is currently valued at 4,537 Chinese yen without tax, which equates to about $667 U.S dollars; the Nendoroid line is basically a more expensive and valuable version of the very popular Funko Pop toys. Spider-Man is not the only film character to get his own Nendoroid, as the line also includes Anna and Elsa from Frozen and Boba Fett from Star Wars. It's a cute design with a very distinct Japanese style to it, but at such a steep price, you may have to be an avid collector to justify the purchase.

If you can't afford to purchase the Nendoroid, there is plenty of other Spider-Man: Homecoming merchandise for sale in toy stores right now, including the aforementioned Funko Pop figures.

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Source: Good Smile Company 

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