Spider-Man: Homecoming NBA Finals TV Spot Features Stan Lee

A brand new TV spot for Spider-Man: Homecoming has dropped featuring a short cameo from Stan Lee, as the Marvel comic book writer's appearances in Marvel films branch out to the trailers as well. Earlier this year, the 94-year-old also appeared in the hilarious ad for Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool 2 which was originally attached to Logan.

With a little more than a month away from hitting the big screen, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment have already been revving up their marketing for Homecoming. Since last week, the last Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer, as well as some TV spots have dropped for the film, and a couple of posters and concept art have also been released. The latest ad, however, continues the side story of Peter (Tom Holland) going to watch the NBA Finals live with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). It can be remembered that in the previous iteration of the running bit, Stark was deciding who to bring with him to the event, with him ultimately deciding on his newest protege.

The latest clip [seen above] starts out with a very polished-looking Peter on his way to watch the NBA Finals. However, he is hijacked by Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) in the elevator asking him to get snacks for Tim Duncan. Despite Peter's protests reasoning that the game is already starting, Happy counters that it is faster for him, given his web-slinging abilities, instead of calling the usual delivery guy. Left with no choice, the Brooklyn kid dons his suit and goes to do the errand. Unfortunately, during his trip, a robbery calls for his attention, delaying his comeback further. After webbing up the culprits, he dashes off to catch the game until Lee sees him and exclaims, “I think I know that guy!”

While it is a given that every single Marvel film has a mandatory Lee cameo, it is still a joy to see the legendary writer pop in some other marketing materials for the properties. However, this appearance does not necessarily mean that it will also be the same one in the movie as it could be filmed solely on the purpose of promoting both Homecoming and the NBA finals. Last month's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 confirmed the theory that Lee actually is a Watcher in the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe although it is important to note that he also appeared in other films that are not part of the MCU.

Hogan's prominence in the TV spot is also noteworthy - it is almost as if he is a stand-in for Stark. Basing from the last international trailer of the film, Stark's bodyguard/friend/driver was also in close contact with Peter. He was also heavily featured in a lot of ads and other promotional materials. In retrospect, it is a good way to reintroduce the character (and Favreau, who directed the first and second Iron Man films) who has not been seen in any Marvel film since his appearance in Iron Man 3.

Lastly, it is fun to see Peter whining all throughout the spot, which is an entirely appropriate reaction from kids and teens who are sent to do errands at an inconvenient time. Showcasing these believable traits given the character's age lays the groundwork for better character development in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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Sources: Sony Pictures Entertainment

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