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After becoming one of the largest and most successful film studios in the entertainment industry today, Marvel Studios is no stranger to earning extra attention and scrutiny from the press and their fans. As such, the productions on each of their films end up being closely watched and reported on to an unusually high degree, whether it be something as small as leaked set photos from the first day of filming, or official images released by those making the film. But few have been quite as heavily followed as this year's Spider-Man: Homecoming, which will see Tom Holland reprising his role as the titular wall-crawler following his debut in last year's Captain America: Civil War.

Set to be the third standalone Spider-Man film in the past five years, but the first made from the partnership between Marvel and Sony Pictures, Homecoming has to bring something to the table that no other Spider-Man film has before. With a heavy focus on Peter Parker's home life and a set of classic Spider-Man villains from the comics that have never brought to the big screen before, though, it looks to be living up to its end of the bargain in that regard.

After completing principal photography back in October of last year as well, it appears as though Marvel and Sony have officially begun work on an extra set of reshoots for the film. Revealed recently by cast member Laura Harrier (who plays Liz Allan in the standalone) through her social media accounts (via Reddit), Holland, Harrier, and a number of the film's other main cast members have all been confirmed to be participating in additional photography on the film. But before any fans begin worrying about the status of Homecoming, it looks like the reshoots are nothing more than standard pickup shoots, which are to be expected from any film of this size and scope.

Spider-Man Homecoming - Peter on fire escape

Homecoming is just one part of what is shaping up to be a very noteworthy year for Marvel, as it'll be one of the three major releases from the studio this year, in addition to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok. Both films are being sold as interesting new directions for their respective franchises to be taking (Thor in particular), but none quite have the pressure to be different than Spider-Man: Homecoming does. That's probably why Marvel and Sony have always been quick to point out the differences between it and the previous live-action iterations of the web-slinger.

That coming-of-age story tone and the inclusion of Marvel Cinematic Universe characters and references have been the leading points in Homecoming's marketing, up until this point. It's not hard to see why, since the ability to let Spider-Man play around in the same world as The Avengers was one of the key reasons Sony agreed to partner with Marvel for the character in the first place. And to their credit, there's been a very clear effort on both studios' part to let fans know Homecoming will be the most faithful adaptation that's been released yet. As such, the news of these pickup shoots shouldn't come as much of a surprise, or be cause for concern either.

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Source: Reddit

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