Spider-Man: Homecoming Gets a Shiny Mondo-Style Poster

With the worldwide release of Spider-Man: Homecoming just days away, the film has received a psychedelic and artistically designed poster to celebrate its upcoming opening weekend.

Poster design is one of the key aspects of film marketing that can either sell a film's appeal or sink it. Big-budget blockbusters often use photoshop and image overload as a crutch, trying to fit as many names and faces on the posters as possible in order to grab eye rather than working on clean design and attention to detail. Occasionally there are some beautiful Drew Struzan artistic designs, but not often. This is a common criticism of a lot of the posters for films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as while the films are entertaining, the posters are typically kind of flat and boring. The main theatrical poster for Homecoming was certainly no exception, an ugly and messy mishmash of all of the worst elements that have been described.

In what may be an attempt to redeem themselves a bit in the public eye, the Homecoming marketing team have released a beautifully illustrated and striking poster on the film's official Twitter page in the style of something designed by movie poster titan Mondo. The image shows Tom Holland's Peter Parker caught in a dizzying spiral, with images of Spidey and Michael Keaton's the Vulture fighting in every which way up above, symbolizing the spinning chaos of the crazy double life that Parker is learning to endure. It's like if Spider-Man met Doctor Strange, and all of the crazy possibilities that may afford

The mini-poster will be available at Cinemark theaters across the country exclusively for Cinemark Connection members going to see the superhero film in either RealD3D or premier filmgoing experience Cinemark XD. That's a small initial window of people who are able to acquire the poster, but it should be expected that thousands of the posters will be printed and that some will be available on eBay or some other place of distribution at some point in the future.

This is not the first speciality poster that has been released for Homecoming as well, as in the last two weeks we've gotten a couple alternate designs. Two weeks ago, designer Matthew Ferguson showcased his simplistic, gorgeous design highlighting the partnership between Iron Man and Spider-Man in the film. Last week, IMAX released a clever sticker, high-school notebook style poster was released for fans going to see the film in IMAX 3D. These images have somewhat made up for the failure of the main theatrical poster for Spider-Man: Homecoming, and nice images that are worth purchasing for people that are fans of the film.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Gets a Shiny Mondo-Style Poster