Since it’s launch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008, Marvel Studios has seemed to perfect the model of making some of the biggest films each year. This has never been as true as in 2012 when they launched The Avengers and got their first $1 billion movie. Since then, they have seen Iron Man 3Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Captain America: Civil War each cross that number, but never top Avengers‘ $1.5 billion. It has been this continued financial and critical success – none of their films has a negative Rotten Tomatoes score – that has allowed them to branch out and create new, exciting projects within the universe.

This year will be responsible for one of their most intriguing films yet, Spider-Man: Homecoming, as it marks the first true partnership between Sony and Marvel to have Spider-Man exist within the MCU. The status that Marvel built has allowed them to fill each of their films with well-known actors, and Homecoming is no different with Michael Keaton playing an “interesting” villain. He finished his time on the project, but upon reflection is amazed by how Marvel runs their productions.

ET Online had the chance to talk to Keaton in the lead up to the release of The Founder and asked him about his experience on his second superhero film. He said his role as Vulture is no different from previous roles, besides the fact it is in a “big, fun, great-looking superhero movie. He was sure, however, to distinguish that there is a big difference between the making of Homecoming and his time as Batman. The biggest reason for this was how well oiled the Marvel machine has become.

That Marvel machine, it’s pretty amazing once you step into that. I hadn’t done a Marvel movie and they are so good at how they run things. It’s impressive.

Spider Man Homecoming Vulture Suit Spider Man: Homecoming   Michael Keaton Praises ‘Marvel Machine’

Keaton is not the first actor to marvel (no pun intended) at the way Marvel Studios runs their productions. However, that should not discount the fact that he was impressed and it just goes to show why they continue to turn out quality films. There is no denying that they have figured out the right formula to produce films that feel like they exist within the same world but are also different enough that they all feel and move exactly the same way.

The process that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige have put together does have its detractors though. While many appreciate what the formula has given them, it’s the same Marvel formula that puts the emphasis on the hero’s journey, often at the expense of fully developed villains. Since Keaton is playing the villain in this instance, hopefully that shows Vulture could be an exception to the trend. Even if that is not the case, every portion of the Marvel machine – from the actors who do interviews to the marketing materials – should result in Homecoming being a fun addition to the MCU and another financial hit for the studios.

Source: ET Online

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