Spider-Man: Homecoming Composer Begins Recording the Film's Score

Composer Michael Giacchino has started to work on the score for Spider-Man: Homecoming. This summer, Marvel will finally get the chance to tell the story of Peter Parker in the world of the MCU when the blockbuster lands in theaters. While Marvel's other two films this year will explore the cosmos and pit otherworldly threats against one another, much of the focus of Homecoming will be a small, coming of age story. By centering around a young hero, and keeping the franchise isolated in high school, Marvel will be able to create a truly unique superhero property that explores themes not usually present in comic book films.

Thanks to Peter not being forced to save the entire world, his cast of characters and locations will be explored more than we've seen in previous Marvel movies. This not only means the movie will have more of an ensemble feel, but that it's likely to be one of the most diverse superhero films yet thanks to its Queens-centric story. Homecoming won't just look and feel different, however, it'll also have a sounds all its own. After composing the music for last year's Doctor Strange, Marvel are bringing back the inimitable Giacchino for Homecoming. While we'll have to wait for the debut of the film to hear his work, we've now got a taste of what to expect.

Giacchino tweeted out a video of him beginning work on composing the music for Homecoming. Along with him, famed drummers Alex Acuña and Walter Rodríguez will be helping to bring the music to life. Check out the clip below:

Spider-Man recording begins TODAY. Alex Acuna and @walterdrums on the strangest kit you've ever seen...

— Michael Giacchino (@m_giacchino) April 11, 2017

The focus on percussion and drumming should help to give Homecoming a very different feel from the other MCU films we've seen so far. Giacchino has long been known for his use of more percussive elements in his scores, notably in his eerily minimal music for the J.J. Abrams shows Lost and Fringe. Those shows' creepy atmospheres were shaped thanks to the composer's work, so he'll likely bring a similar mood to Spidey's battles against Vulture.

Giacchino is also more than capable of creating sweeping soundscapes as well. He followed in John Williams' footsteps by moving into the Star Wars universe recently, joining Rogue One after the original composer left. Thanks to his unique style and ability to shift between bombastic moments and more intimate ones, his work will likely bring out a new flavor for Spider-Man and should pair naturally with his kinetic web-slinging and the rhythms of life in NYC. With Spider-Man: Homecoming just around the corner, we may even get a sneak peak at his work before the film arrives.

Source: Michael Giacchino (via MCU Exchange)

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