Spider-Man: Homecoming Adds Silicon Valley & Prometheus Actors

Spider-Man With Captain America's Shield

The Spider-Man: Homecoming reboot is really starting to round out its cast. After securing the new Spidey in Tom Holland, Aunt May in Marissa Tomei, a possible co-star/love interest in Zendaya, and bringing in some air support from Robert Downey Jr., the next chapter chapter in Spidey's life is filling up fast. Recently, the 2017 release also added Kenneth Choi (Captain America: The First Avenger) as Peter Parker’s principal (say that 3 times fast), Michael Barbieri (The Dark Tower) as a school chum, and Donald Glover (Community) in an unspecified part (maybe Miles Morales?).

However, there are still solid supporting roles in need of a good home, two of which the latest Spider-Man production recently filled.

Deadline is reporting that Silicon Valley actor Martin Starr has signed on to the Jon Watts-helmed Spider-Man: Homecoming. While his role is unspecified at this point, his history as a comedic actor who plays nerdy characters in properties like Freaks and Geeks and Party Down suggests a possible role as a wacky science teacher or possibly a Daily Bugle staffer (if he’s type-cast, anyway). Early rumors. however, did point to a possible appearance by the Tinkerer in the new Spider-Man, which could be an enjoyable role for a well-rounded actor like Starr.

Of course, the next piece of casting news may or may not debunk the Tinkerer theory. Variety announced the possible arrival of actor Logan Marshall-Green (The Invitation) as an ancillary adversary. One-time Batman Michael Keaton is already playing Spider-Man’s primary nemesis (possibly the Vulture). In that case, Marshall-Green could be cast as Keaton’s right hand man or as another unspecified baddie who assists Keaton in antagonizing Spidey. He certainly would make a good Mysterio.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Adds Silicon Valley & Prometheus Actors

When it comes to villains, though, rumor around the studios is that prior Spidey-foes are out. That means no Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Venom, or Green Goblin, among others. Unlike rumors about a menagerie of menaces in the Batfleck standalone, Marvel typically likes to isolate its main villains, with a few notable exceptions. Still, major foes often bring with them a few notable lackeys, and there are a number of great possibilities for criminal cohorts, or bringing future foes out of the shadows (dare we dream of Sinister Six).

The recent spate of casting news offers intriguing clues into the possible direction of the film. Although the movie is supposedly tied to the Homecoming storyline, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe typically follows its own path with regards to story and plot – as is necessary when venturing through the complexities of a shared universe. Hopefully we’ll get a few more crumbs to speculate upon as Spider-Man: Homecoming moves from casting into production.

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Source: Deadline, Variety

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