Love is Complicated For Peter in New Spider-Man: Homecoming Video

The stars of Spider-Man: Homecoming discuss the movie's complicated love story in a new video from the Disney Channel. Leading man Tom Holland will deal with a lot more than just fighting crime as Spider-Man in the new reboot, as Peter Parker will also have to navigate the turbulent waters of high school life. Homecoming wouldn't resemble a coming-of-age tale without a romantic angle, and that's where Peter's love interest, Liz Allan (Laura Harrier) comes in.

Peter and Liz's budding romance will surely run into plenty of obstacles as Peter struggles to balance his love life with his life as Spider-Man. But that doesn't mean Peter won't still try his hardest to win Liz's heart, perhaps with the help of Spidey's superpowers. The two stars revealed some of the details of their subplot in a new featurette about the making of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The new video from the Disney Channel surfaced online earlier. You can watch it above. Holland talks about Liz, the "best-looking girl in the school" whom Peter is "madly in love with" during the events of Homecoming. Holland explains how Peter knows that he could probably win Liz over if he told her he was Spider-Man, but at the same time has to resist revealing his true identity:

"He doesn't think he can win her over ... just by being himself. ... If you say 'I'm Spider-Man,' you could get any girl in the world, you know? Because you're a superhero. And it's quite interesting to play those scenes knowing you, as a character, have that golden ticket but you can't play it."

Harrier, meanwhile, describes Liz as "the wise popular girl in school," a "really driven and smart" senior who hangs out with mostly sophomores. The featurette concludes with a clip of Peter and Liz kissing at what appears to be the high school prom, before Peter apologizes and tells her he has to leave. The clip leads seamlessly into the movie's final trailer.

It's already known that Spider-Man: Homecoming will heavily explore coming-of-age themes, and the romantic subplot between Peter and Liz will certainly fit that mold. Liz also appears to be much stronger than a mere side character with a significant role in Peter's narrative. Their on-screen chemistry could have a major impact on how much Homecoming could win over audiences.

Of course, there's no guarantee that Holland and Harrier have the kind of chemistry that would make their love story as compelling as other great coming-of-age tales. But at the end of the day, it will be just one part of Spider-Man: Homecoming's complex story of a high school kid-turned-superhero.

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Source: The Disney Channel

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