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Spider-Man: Homecoming gives Marvel Studios newcomer Tom Holland the chance to really stand-out in the already crowded Marvel Cinematic Universe. The nervously quirky dumpster-diver won over a lot of hearts with his debut in Captain America: Civil War, despite replacing Andrew Garfield in the role, who was arguably the best part of Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Holland's Peter Parker fell in with Tony Stark in the Avengers feud and is set to team-up with him again as the two go toe-to-toe with Michael Keaton's Vulture in his own standalone adventure.

Both Marvel and Disney notoriously guard the secrets of their properties, but they can only be so stringent when it comes to merchandising rights. The airport sequence of Civil War was partially spoiled by the release of tie-in Pop! Vinyl Funkos, which revealed the Giant-Man figurine before the film was showing in theaters. Thankfully, it looks like Marvel might finally have learned from this mistake with the merchandising for Homecoming.

Two new Spider-Man Lego sets have been revealed at New York Toy Fair (care of The Brick Show) that recreate scenes from the upcoming film: ATM Heist Battle and Beware The Vulture. The ATM Heist Battle features 185 pieces, plus a Spider-Man figure and two masked robbers, one with a Hulk mask and another disguised as Captain America. Beware The Vulture is a larger set, again featuring a Spider-Man figure, Iron Man, Vulture, and an unknown figure who has been grayed out of the picture.


Spider-Man Homecoming Bank Robbers

The ATM Heist battle has been teased in the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, in which Holland quips: "you guys aren't the real Avengers. I can tell. Hulk gives it away". The second set, however, is new and would appear to feature Vulture working alongside another villain (who has been smartly hidden from the prototype packaging). This may be Michael Chernus's Tinkerer, but could also be Shocker.

There's been a lot of Spider-Man merchandise releases recently, from POP! Funkos to new Hasbro Marvel Legends figures, which showed what appeared to be Iron Man's Mark 47 suit. This Lego tie-in reaffirms the presence of new armor - that's a new version of the Iron Man figure. None of the reveals are on a Giant-Man spoiler level, though.

Lego has seen an enormous resurgence in recent years, ironically taking on a life of its own through the use of licensed properties such as Marvel and DC. The Lego Batman Movie recently released to critical acclaim, maintaining a dizzying 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the company's video game series is still going strong. This partnership between the legendary toy company and Marvel Studios has led to some fantastic merchandise, but Lego's accuracy isn't always on the mark; Jurassic World received a similar merchandising treatment, but some of the LEGO building sets depicted scenes and even dinosaurs which weren't in the film, so take the specifics of these designs with a grain of salt.

Source: Brickset

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