Tom Holland's Favorite Spider-Man: Homecoming Prop Was $500 Lego Death Star

Tom Holland reveals his favorites Spider-Man: Homecoming prop is the Lego Deathstar set that Peter Parker and his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) were building. The Star Wars merchandise, which costs $500 new, was prominently featured in one of the promotional clips released for the film when Peter while still in his Spidey suit, sneaks back to his room only to find his pal waiting for him. Due to Neds' surprise upon finding his friend's underground superhero operations, he drops the finished set to the floor.

We already know that Peter is a fan of the saga set in a galaxy far far away. He referenced the Hoth battle scene in The Empire Strikes Back (which Holland oddly hasn't seen) during the iconic airport battle scene in Captain America: Civil War as a way to take down Giant-Man (Paul Rudd). And, given how much audiences like these sort of inter-franchise tie-ins, it is not surprising that director Jon Watts is tapping more into that.

In a new featurette courtesy of IGN, a new scene from the film shows Ned creeping up on Peter with his Emperor Palpatine LEGO minifigure to get his friend to finish the Death Star with him. Holland reveals it's not just the characters who are Star Wars fans, with the star citing it as his favorite prop:

"My favorite prop in the film, I think, was the Lego Death Star. You know, because it was delicate, and we only seven of them. And we had to break them. And Jacob [Batalon] kept breaking them too early, so it was hilarious. It was a lot of fun."

Ned Leads in Spider-Man Homecoming

The LEGO Death Star isn't just a fun Easter egg, however. It says a lot about what kind of kid Peter is outside his Spidey suit; he has been a geek long before he embarked on his crime-busting adventures as a superhero, which is manifested in his room littered with collectibles and merchandise from comic books and other pop culture properties.

With his new status as a recognized superhero (albeit still a small time one) and the upgraded suit that he got from  Tony Stark (Robert Donwey Jr.) in Homecoming, it's easy to get wrapped up in how this version of Spider-Man is cooler than his predecessors. It is wonderful, however, that Marvel seemed to have put the same amount of effort in Peter's characterization as a young teenage kid from Queens with his consistent quirks making him more relatable.

It is no secret that Spider-Man: Homecoming has a lot of pressure to succeed on its shoulders. There is a lot hinging on its critical and box office turnout not just to the future of Holland as the web-slinging hero, but also with the unprecedented business partnership between Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios to share the rights to the character. Thankfully, it sounds like Holland's hit the mark, with Downey Jr. himself shared that early screenings of the film have been getting a lot of love from viewers.

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Source: IGN

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