Spider-Man: Homecoming Legends Toys Reveal New Iron Man Armor

Spider-Man: Homecoming Iron Man Ultimate suit

Tony Stark has not been against changing up his superhero suit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In almost every appearance he has made since 2008, a new suit or two has been introduced alongside him. No showcase was quite as big as Iron Man 3 bringing together an army of Iron Man suits, but Stark's tinkering with suit design does not apply to Iron Man only. In Captain America: Civil War, Stark is responsible for upgrading Peter Parker's Spider-Man suit, and will do so once again in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

For Spidey's MCU solo film, Peter will get more costume "enhancements"; with his classic web-wings being one of the known upgrades Stark will implement. However, even with spending time on Spider-Man's costume, it appears that Stark will also be giving himself yet another new Iron Man suit.

Images have arrived showing the Hasbro Marvel Legends figures that will be released along with Homecoming. The line unsurprisingly features figures for Spider-Man and Vulture, but it does offer the first look at what appears to be Mark 47, a design that looks to be influenced by the initial Ultimate Universe suit.

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This is the first indication given so far that Tony Stark will have another new Iron Man at some point in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The films' trailers have ended with the shot of Iron Man and Spidey flying/swinging through the city together, but Tony is not wearing this particular armor suit during that scene. When exactly he will adapt his Ultimate-inspired armor (if at all) in Homecoming, remains to be seen.

It's possible Iron Man will join Spider-Man in a fight against Vulture during Homecoming's third act, wearing this Ultimate suit. Then again, some fans are worried that Tony will have too big of a role in Homecoming and make it feel less like a Spider-Man solo movie, as a result. Hopefully, this is not the case and this Iron Man suit change won't call too much attention to itself.

Regardless of how it is used, it is no surprise that Iron Man has gotten yet another new suit. Not only does it follow the character's tendencies to always "improve" his armor, but Disney and Marvel know that they will make even more money in toy sales with a new Iron Man figure debuting. Much like the suit's time within the Ultimate comic universe, fans should expect a more classic movie version of the suit to be Iron Man's primary suit moving forward.

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Source: Hasbro

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